(1) Central Government has launched ‘Swachh Survekshan-2018’ to rank cities and towns of India. How many cities and towns will be covered under this survey?

(A) 2041

(B) 3041

(C) 4041

(D) 5041

(2) A nearly 500m (1,640ft) bridge for hikers billed as the longest hanging pedestrian bridge in the world has opened near which town of Switzerland?

(A) Basel

(B) Zermatt

(C) Bern

(D) Geneva

(3) Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) entered into how many Unilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (UAPAs) with Indian taxpayers in the month of July, 2017?

(A) Six

(B) Seven

(C) Eight

(D) Nine

(4) Who among the following is the first person to receive the Medal of Honor from President Donald Trump?

(A) James McCloughan

(B) Nathan McElroy

(C) Julius Callaghan

(D) Peter Melenick

(5) Which state government is going to launch ‘streets with cycle track’ to encourage the use of bicycle?

(A) Gujarat

(B) Maharashtra

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Karnataka

(6) Who has been appointed as Chief of Eastern Command?

(A) Lt General Abhay Krishna

(B) General Bipin Rawat

(C) Lt General Cherish Mathson

(D) None of the above

(7) Union Government has ordered state-run oil companies to raise subsidised cooking gas, LPG prices by how much?

(A) Rs 5

(B) Rs 10

(C) Rs 4

(D) Rs 8

(8) For the first time when was Los Angeles hosted Summer Olympics?

(A) 1984

(B) 1932

(C) 1924

(D) 1936

(9) Ustad Hussain Sayeeduddin Dagar, a classical vocalist and one of the leading exponents of Dhupad tradition, passed away at the age of?

(A) 78

(B) 76

(C) 79

(D) 77

(10) The new bilateral Agreement on Trade, Commerce and Transit between India and which country came into force?

(A) Bhutan

(B) Nepal

(C) Bangladesh

(D) Sri Lanka


(1) C   (2) B   (3) D   (4) A   (5) B   (6) A   (7) C   (8) B   (9) A   (10) A

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