(1) What is the theme of 2016 United Nations’ (UN) International day of Older Persons?

A) Longevity: Shaping the Future

B) Take A Stand Against Ageism

C) The Growing Opportunities & Challenges of Global Ageing

D) Leaving No One Behind: Promoting a Society for All

(2) According to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Rs. ____ crore in black or untaxed money has been disclosed under the centre’s Income Declaration Scheme.

A) 65250

B) 66780

C) 60981

D) 69982

(3) How many year extension has secured Arundhati Bhattacharya as the chairperson of the State Bank of India (SBI)?

A) Half

B) Two

C) One

D) Three

(4) Who is the newly appointed CMD of Power Finance Corporation (PFC)?

A) Rajeev Sharma

B) M K Goel

C) Mahendra Goyal

D) K K Singhal

(5) The High Court in which of the following states recently decided to set aside the state govt’s anti-liquor law terming it illegal?

A) Kerala

B) Gujarat

C) Bihar

D) Rajasthan

(6) The book “All That Man Is” has been authored by whom?

A) David Szalay

B) Milind D’souza

C) Latheesh Mohan

D) P Lankesh

(7) “Abhaneri” festival has started in which state of India?

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Kerala

C) Himachal Pradesh

D) Rajasthan

(8) Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) has exempted the Central government from making an open offer to the public shareholders of which bank?


B) Axis



(9) On October 1 China blocked a tributary of which river in Tibet as part of the construction of its “most expensive” hydro project?

A) Yangtze

B) Ussuri

C) Suifen

D) Brahmaputra

(10) Who is the Prime Minister of Mali at present?

A) Modibo Keita

B) Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta

C) Ahmed Mohamed ag Hamani

D) Oumar Tatam Ly


(1) B   (2) A   (3) C   (4) A   (5) C   (6) A   (7) D   (8) D   (9) D   (10) A

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