(1) When is the National Pollution Control Day Observed?

A) December 1

B) December 3

C) November 30

D) December 2

 (2) Name the Managing Director (MD) and chief executive of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) who recently resigned from the post owing to personal reasons.

A) Chitra Ramkrishna

B) Renuka Ramnath

C) Shyam Srinivasan

D) Vijayalakshmi Iyer

 (3) Which of the following was included by the UNESCO in the list of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” recently?

A) Ukrainian beer

B) Indian beer

C) Belgian beer

D) Spanish beer

(4) Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the 55,000-tonne per annum (TPA) ferro-chrome plant set up by Tata Steel at a cost of Rs 542 cr in Ganjam district in the state of

A) Jharkhand

B) Odisha

C) West Bengal

D) Assam

(5) The Central government on December 1 answered queries regarding ______ to the Supreme Court.

A) Black money

B) Cross border terrorism

C) Aadhar Card

D) Demonetisation

(6) Under Section ______ of the RBI Act, the Reserve Bank of India made the decision regarding demonetisation.

A) 24(2)

B) 24(5)

C) 24(1)

D) 24(3)

(7) CRISIL has lowered India’s GDP growth forecast to ______%.

A) 7.9

B) 8.9

C) 5.9

D) 6.9

(8) India has inked the $737-mn (almost Rs 5,000 cr) contract for the acquisition of 145 M-77 ultra-light howitzers from

A) Norway

B) Sweden

C) Russia


(9) Which state’s education board has made it mandatory for students of Class 10 and 12 to have Aadhaar card?

A) Maharashtra

B) Haryana

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Bihar

(10) According to the Grand Prix(GP) calender for year 2017, which of the following GP will not going to take place?

A) Hungarian GP

B) Abu Dhabi GP

C) Belgian GP

D) German GP


(1) D   (2) A   (3) C   (4) B   (5) D   (6) C   (7) D   (8) D   (9) B   (10) D



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