(1) Which investigative news source has released the ‘Paradise Papers’ which reveals the offshore activities of some of the world’s most powerful people and companies?

(A) The Washington Post

(B) Freedom

(C) International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

(D) Drone Papers

(2) Which country hosted the 2017 World Youth Forum (WYF)?

(A) Egypt

(B) Australia

(C) Israel

(D) India

(3) Who has been honoured with the 2017 Vishnudas Bhave award?

(A) Jayant Sawarkar

(B) Vikram Gokhale

(C) Paresh Rawal

(D) Mohan Joshi

(4) The 2017 Bali Jatra festival has started in which state?

(A) West Bengal

(B) Odisha

(C) Assam

(D) Jharkhand

(5) Name the golf player who won the the 2017 Ladies European Tour.

(A) Smriti Mehra

(B) Sharmila Nicollet

(C) Ankita Tiwana

(D) Aditi Ashok

(6) Among the players who win in Elite category at Cyclothon recently?

(A) Satbir

(B) Manoj kumar

(C) Suresh Rajan

(D) Akash Kumar

(7) China on November 6, 2017, launched two _______ satellites.

(A) BeiDou-3

(B) BeiDou-4

(C) BeiDou-2

(D) BeiDou-6

(8) Which among the given countries has recently handed over its instrument accession to the India-initiated International Solar Alliance (ISA)?

(A) Sierra Leone

(B) Guinea

(C) Mali

(D) Ivory Coast

(9) With which country India joint military combat exercise “Sampriti” which begins in Meghalaya?

(A) Bangladesh

(B) Nepal

(C) China

(D) Japan


(1) C   (2) A   (3) D   (4) B   (5) D   (6) A   (7) A   (8) B   (9) A

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