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1) Which country hosts Critical Summit on Syria War with Russia and Iran?

(A) Turkey

(B) India

(C) Pakistan

(D) Afghanistan

Answer: A

2) Which day was observed as World Health Day?

(A) 1 April

(B) 5 April

(C) 7 April

(D) 11 April

Answer: C

3) IT department is setting up a panel to examine tax evasion risks posed by whom?

(A) NRIs

(B) Diamond Jewelers

(C) Resident Indians

(D) High Net Worth Individuals

Answer: D

4) Which country allows women to volunteer for national service for the first time ever?

(A) Iraq

(B) Kuwait

(C) Qatar

(D) Sudan

Answer: C

5) ________ directed all regulated entities including banks not to provide services to businesses dealing in virtual currencies to protect consumers and check money laundering.





Answer: B

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