(1) Name the Britain Queen, who has been marked Sapphire Jubilee, 65 years on Britain’s throne?

A) Queen Elizabeth – I

B) Queen Elizabeth – II

C) Queen Victoria

D) Mary II

(2) Name the Indian-Origin British Sculptor, who has won $1 million Israeli Prize, recently?

A) Anish Kapoor

B) Bonish Kapoor

C) Sonam Kapoor

D) None

(3) Name the country, which has lift ban on American Wrestling team, recently?

A) Iran

B) Iraq

C) Pakisthan

D) Bangladesh

(4) Name the badminton player, who has won men’s single title in NBC, recently?

A) Lakshya Sen

B) Sourabh Varma

C) Kashyap

D) Sri Kanth

(5) Name the country in which A 3-day global nuclear security meet to beheld, recently?

A) India

B) Pakistan

C) China

D) Nepal

(6) Name the airways, which has been new title holder for the world’s longest commercial flight?

A) Emirates Airways

B) Turkish Airways

C) Qatar Airways

D) Qantas Airways

(7) Name the shrub, which has confirmed the scientists for multiple therapeutic use, recently?

A) Ricinus Communis

B) Rosa centifolia

C) Neurocalyx Calycinus

D) Rotula Aquatica

(8) Name the entrepreneur, who has been sworn in as Haiti’s new President, recently?

A) Victor Benoit

B) Lener Renuald

C) Duly Brutus

D) Jovenel Moise

(9) Name the country, which has to host FIBA Women’s Asia Cup in upcoming July month?

A) China

B) Japan

C) Nepal

D) India

(10) Name the country, which has launched underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance system, recently?

A) India

B) China

C) Japan

D) Nepal


(1) B    (2) A    (3) A    (4) B    (5) A    (6) C    (7) C    (8) D    (9) D    (10) A

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