(1) Which tennis player won the 2016 Mutua Madrid Open?

A) Rafael Nadal

B) Roger Federer

C) Novak Djokovic

D) Andy Murray

(2) Who emerged winner in the 2016 Presidential Elections of the Philippines on 9 May 2016 to become country’s 16th President?

A) Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

B) Rodrigo Digong Duterte

C) Joseph Estrada

D) Ferdinand Marcos

(3) Indian boxers won medals at the 7th Asian Young Championship and finished at what rank overall?

A) 5

B) 3

C) 4

D) 6

(4) Which is the world’s biggest insect?

A) Chan’s Megastick

B) Phobeticus Dini

C) Both are the same

D) None of the above

(5) Which famous Indian king’s 475th Birth anniversary was celebrated with a release of a commemorative coin on 9 May 2016?

A) Maharana Pratap

B) Shivaji

C) Jehangir

D) Akbar

(6) Which company has launched the first digital platform for buyers and sellers of machinery parts in India?

A) Bookmyparts Networks Pvt Ltd

B) Machines Network Pvt Ltd

C) Bookmyparts Networks Inc

D) None of the above

(7) India is currently at which rank in The Economist’s crony capital index?

A) 59th

B) 11th

C) 15th

D) 9th

(8) NASSCOM has signed a partnership agreement with which social media company?

A) Twitter

B) Facebook

C) Imo

D) Pinterest

(9) From 1 January 2017 you have to dial which number for any Emergency throughout India?

A) 212

B) 112

C) 102

D) 109

(10) In which year the Government plans to provide mobile connectivity in 55,669 villages?

A) 2019

B) 2020

C) 2021

D) 2022


(1) C    (2) B    (3) C    (4) A     (5) A    (6) A    (7) D    (8) B    (9) B    (10) A

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