(1) Name the person, who has been worked as former driver and bodyguard of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?

A) Nizamuddin

B) Abad Khan

C) Akbar Shah

D) None

(2) Name the person, who has been appointed Part time non-official director to RBI Central Board by Government, recently?

A) Ashok Gulati

B) Manish Sabharwal

C) Rajiv Kumar

D) All the above

(3)State the position of India, in which 5th Annual International IP Index- 2017, recently?

A) 43rd

B) 44th

C) 45th

D) 46th

(4) Name the Person, who has received Nobel Prize (2003) for the discovery of MRI scan, died recently?

A) Sir Peter Mansfield

B) Sir Brookes,

C) Sir Richard

D) Sir Walter

(5) Name the bill which has been passed by United Kingdom’s House of Commons on 8 February?

A) Brexit Bill

B) Local Audit Bill

C) Digital Economy Bill

D) None

(6) Name the ID proof, which can compulsary to get ration from PDS shops?

A) Voter ID

B) Aadhar ID

C) Driving ID

D) None

(7) Name the Indian Cricket player, who has been got a new record for most Test 150s by an Indian Captain?

A) Virat Kohli

B) Mohammad Azaruddin

C) Sunil Gavaskar

D)Sachin Tendulkar

(8) Name the Earth size planet, which has been unlikely to host life discovered by NASA scientists, recently?

A) Proxima A

B) Proxima B

C) Proxima C

D) Proxima D

(9) Name the person, who has been appointed as LIC’s new Managing Director, recently?

A) T.T. Kabui

B) T.C. Suseel Kumar

C) Hemant Bhargava

D) None

(10) Name the Indian-Origin Woman, who has been to go to space in 2018?

A) Shawna Pandya

B) Rithika Pandya

C) Soumya Pandya

D) None


(1) A    (2) D    (3) A    (4) A    (5) A    (6) B    (7) A    (8) B    (9) C    (10) A

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