(1) Who is the head of the newly created committee by NITI Aayog for land policy cell?

A) Anil R. Dave

B) Shah Nawaz Khan

C) T.S.Thakur

D) T.Haque

(2) Recently president Pranab Mukherjee adopted 5 villages to develop them as Model Villages. These villages belongs to which state?

A) Haryana

B) Bihar

C) Kerala

D) Karnataka

(3) Which country is hosting month-long UEFA Euro 2016 football championship?

A) Russia

B) France

C) Switzerland

D) Germany

(4) Who topped the Forbes 2016 World’s Highest-Paid Athletes List?

A) Lewis Hamilton

B) Floyd Mayweather

C) Tiger Woods

D) Cristiano Ronaldo

(5) Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarded the Order of Friendship to whom?

A) Barack Obama

B) Narendra Modi

C) Kofi Annan

D) Ban ki Moon

(6) Which country has formed a privileged partnership with India for the 21st century?

A) Malaysia

B) Australia

C) New Zealand

D) Mexico

(7) Which country has recently joined Europe-led plan to tackle tax evasion and corruption?

A) India

B) Japan

C) Germany

D) Switzerland

(8) Scientists have tuned into the music of the stars detecting resonant acoustic oscillations in which galaxy?

A) M4

B) M3

C) M2

D) M1

(9) With which bank CaixaBank has signed memorandum of agreement to enhance business synergies?

A) Axis Bank

B) Indian Bank

C) State Bank of India


(10) Which of the following state Agriculture University Researchers has developed two rice varieties, namely Ranjit Sub-1 and Bahadur Sub-1?

A) Tamil Nadu

B) Andhra Pradesh

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) Assam


(1) D    (2) A    (3) B    (4) D    (5) D    (6) D    (7) A    (8) A    (9) C    (10) D

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