(1) When was the three day DG level India and Pakistan border talks started?

(A) 9 September                     (B) 12 September

(C) 10 September                   (D) 15 September

(2) Where was the India- Pakistan border talks takes place ?

(A) New Delhi                (B) Kabul

(C) Sri Nagar                   (D) Lahore

(3) Where is the 10th World Hindi Conference (WHC) is being organized from 10-12 September, 2015 ?

(A) Jaipur          (B) Pune

(C) Lucknow     (D) Bhopal

(4) In which country the new species of ancient humans discovered by the scientists ?

(A) Australia       (B) South Africa

(C) China               (D) South America

(5) Which country is aiming to be the first nation of the world to land a probe on the Moon’s dark side?

(A) Russia            (B) America

(C) China              (D) India

(6) NASA plans to land on Europa, one of the most interesting places in our solar system. Europa is called the Moon of which Planet?

(A) Jupiter            (B) Mars

(C) Earth                (D) Saturn

(7) Who is the only woman from India that ranks second in the Fortune’s list of Powerful woman in business ?

(A) Chanda Kocchar                (B) Shika Sharma

(C) Chitra Ramakrishna          (D) Indra Nooyi


(1) C    (2) A    (3) D    (4) B    (5) C    (6) A    (7) D

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