(1) China on 13 October started the biggest dam, Zam Hydropower Station in Tibet on which river?

(A) Chinab river                        (B) Jinsha River

(C) Ganges river                       (D) Brahmaputra river

(2) India ranks which position among global startup ecosystems ?

(A) 3rd                    (B) 2nd

(C) 5th                    (D) 10th

(3) Which company tops the list of world’s best company to work for compiled by research and consulting firm ‘Great Place to Work Institute’?

(A) SAS Institute                      (B) Microsoft

(C) Monsanto                            (D) Google

(4) With the view to check the increasing incidents of missing children in the state Operation Valsalya launched by which state government recently ?

(A) Karnataka                            (B) Maharashtra

(C) Kerala                                  (D) Uttar Pradesh


(1) D     (2) A     (3) D     (4) C

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