(1) Marlon James, the winner of the Booker Prize for the year 2015 belongs to which country ?

(A) Egypt                   (B) Jamaica

(C) Brazil                   (D) Russia


(2) President Pranab Mukherjee visited which country on 13-15 October during his six day historical visit ?

(A) Isreal                      (B) Jordan

(C) Palestine                (D) Pakistan


(3) Who is the Nobel Peace Prize winner selected for the Harvard Humanitarian of the Year Award 2015 ?

(A) Kofi Annan                           (B) Ethel Kennedy

(C) Kailash Satyarthi                 (D) Malala Yousafzai


(4) What is the other country joined with India and US joint naval excercise which began on 14 October, 2015 ?

(A) China                     (B) Japan

(C) Pakistan                (D) Srilanka


(5) Union Cabinet on 14 October approved MoU with which country for cooperation in renewable energy ?

(A) Russia                  (B) Bangladesh

(C) UK                       (D) Mozambique


(6) PS Jayakumar appointed as MD and CEO of which nationalised bank on 13 October , 2015?

(A) Bank of Baroda                (B) Bank of Maharashtra

(C) Andhra Bank                   (D) Punjab National Bank



(1) B     (2) A     (3) C     (4) B     (5) D     (6) A

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