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(1) India test-fired its nuclear-capable Agni-V inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM), which has a strike range of over ————— km.

(A) 10,000

(B) 1,000

(C) 5,000

(D) 7,000

(2) In which of the following Country World’s fifth largest diamond has been unveiled?

(A) Lesotho

(B) Mozambique

(C) Switzerland

(D) Botswana

(3) ‘Mukshyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana’ (MMKSJ) announced by Odisha State government on January 15, 2018 will give artists a monthly assistance of _________.

(A) 1200

(B) 1500

(C) 1000

(D) 1800

(4) Which of the following is to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class in April 2018?

(A) Brock Lesner

(B) Hulk Hogan

(C) Braun Strowman

(D) Bill Goldberg

(5) Which country’s prime minister has announced the appointment of Country’s first ‘Minister for loneliness’?

(A) Turkey

(B) United Kingdom

(C) Spain

(D) France

(6) Which state became first state in country to unveil Public Cloud Policy that virtually mandates state government departments to shift their data storage onto cloud?

(A) Punjab

(B) Haryana

(C) Andhra Pradesh

(D) Maharashtra

(7) Which two countries have agreed to march together under a single unified Korea flag at Winter Olympics in the South?

(A) North and South Korea

(B) Japan and South Korea

(C) North Korea and China

(D) None of the above

(8) Who among the following will confer the Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowships and Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards for 2016?

(A) Narendra Modi

(B) Ram Nath kovind

(C) Venkaiah Naidu

(D) Ravi Shankar Prasad


(1) C   (2) A   (3) A   (4) D   (5) B   (6) D   (7) A   (8) B

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