(1) Which state is set to become the first Indian state to issue newspaper advertisements for the post of Vice Chancellor of government universities?

A) Goa

B) Punjab

C) Assam

D) Rajasthan

(2) What is the India’s GDP forcast for FY 16, as per National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)?

A) 7.6 %

B) 5.6 %

C) 8.6 %

D) 4.6 %

(3) India’s first Spice Museum will be opened in which city of India?

A) Kolkata

B) Chennai

C) Kochi

D) Pune

(4) India held the first round of Maritime Security Dialogue with which country?

A) United States

B) Japan

C) Russia

D) China

(5) India’s first startup hostel has been launched in which city of India?

A) Bengaluru

B) Hyderabad

C) Mumbai

D) New Delhi

(6) Nuclear Capable which missile test fired from Odisha on 18 May 2016?

A) Nirbhay

B) Brahmos

C) Agni-II

D) Prithvi-II

(7) Which public-sector bank reported a loss of Rs. 5,367 crore for quarter ended March 2016, which is the largest quarterly loss in the history of Indian banking?

A) Allahabad Bank

B) Andhra Bank

C) Bank of Baroda

D) Punjab National Bank

(8) Who among the following Indian-American teenager has won the $50,000 Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award?

A) Prabal Dutta

B) Andhra Bank

C) Bank of Baroda

D) Syamantak Payra

(9) Who breaks 3,000m steeplechase national record?

A) Shiny Abraham

B) B.Sudha Singh

C) Krishna Poonia

D) Anjali Bhagwat

(10) Which of the following country researchers built the world’s first scanning helium microscope (SHeM)?

A) Japan

B) Australia

C) Russia

D) Britain


(1) D    (2) A    (3) C    (4) A    (5) A    (6) D    (7) D    (8) D    (9) B    (10) B

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