(1) America’s Boeing company has signed a deal to sell 300 aircrafts to which countries firms?

(A) Japan                      (B) Russia

(C) India                       (D) China

(2) Who is the new Chairman and Managing Director of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) appointed on 23 September, 2015?

(A) K.M. Singh             (B) Sanjiv Sinha

(C) K.G. Shah              (D) Pradeep Singh

(3) Martin Winterkorn, who resigned on 23 September was the CEO of which car making company ?

(A) Volkswagen               (B) Hyundai

(C) Ford                          (D) Nissan

(4) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 23 September visited which country?

(A) Tokyo                      (B) Ireland

(C) Australia                  (D) Japan

(5) Pope Francis visited United States as part of a historic six day trip on which day of the September?

(A) 20 September             (B) 25 September

(C) 22 September             (D) 18 September

(6) Which country’s centenerian sets a Guinness World Record in racing by completing 100 metres race in 42.22 seconds world record in the over-105 age category ?

(A) China                            (B) Singapore

(C) Japan                           (D) Malaysia


(1) D     (2) A     (3) A     (4) B     (5) C     (6) C

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