(1) Name the playback singer, who has been got Ghantasala National Award, recently?

A) Vani Jayaram

B) Chitra

C) Sushela

D) None

(2) Name the sea, in which in Indo-French Naval Exercise begun, recently?

A) Bay of Bengal

B) Arabian Sea

C) Mediterranean Sea

D) None

(3) Name the Indian women Cricketer, who has been honoured MCC life membership, recently?

A) Anjum Chopra

B) Sandhya Agarwal

C) Isa Guha

D) None

(4) Name the University, which has to be set up in Uttarpradesh for Divyangs?

A) Central University

B) State University

C) Special University

D) None

(5) State the day, on which we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, each year?

A) April 24th

B) April 25th

C) April 26th

D) April 27th

(6) Name the country, which has been signed on 3 agreements with India, recently?

A) Armenia

B) Libia

C) Poland

D) Nigeria

(7) Name the NASA Astronaut, who has been set a new space walk record, recently?

A) Peggy Whitson

B) Sandra Magnus

C) S. Wilson

D) None

(8) Name the place, in which Northeast India’s Largest IT Hub opened, recently?

A) Tripura

B) Mizoram

C) Dehradun

D) None

(9) State the no.of medals India has won at US open Karate Championship held recently?

A) 15

B) 16

C) 17

D) 18

(10) Name the World famous personality, who has been praised PM Modi for Swachh Bharat?

A) Mark Zuckerberg

B) Jeff Bezos

C) Bill Gates

D) None


(1) A    (2) C    (3) B    (4) A    (5) C    (6) A    (7) A    (8) A    (9) B    (10) C

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