Postal Assistant Exam Held On 27-04-2014

1) September 28 is observed as :

A) World Vegetarian Day

B) United Nations Day

C) World Rabies Day

D) World Television Day

Ans- C

2) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had declared decade 2010-2020 as :

A) Decade of Innovation

B) Decade of Science

C) Decade of Poetry

D) Decade of Children

Ans- A

3) How many countries delegates will visit India to have first hand experience of Lok-Sabha Election 2014 under the ‘ Election Visitors Programme 2014 ‘ launched by election commission of India :

A) 20

B) 50

C) 100

D) None of the above is true

Ans- A

4) 2014 Ranji Trophy was won by :

A) Uttar Pradesh

B) Maharashtra

C) Karnataka

D) West Bengal

Ans- C

5) Largest Solar Power Plant of India was recently launched in the state of :

A) Rajasthan

B) Madhya Pradesh

C) Uttar Pradesh

D) None of these

Ans- B

6) International Mother Earth Day was observed across the world on :

A) 20 April 2014

B) 21 April 2014

C) 22 April 2014

D) 24 April 2014

Ans- C

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