(1) World Milk Day was observed globally on –?

A) 25 June

B) 10 June

C) 1 June

D) 6 June

(2) According to a report published by CSO, what is the growth rate of India in Q4 of fiscal 2015-16?

A) 6.9%

B) 7.5%

C) 8%

D) 7.9%

(3) What is the India’s rank in the IMD’s world competitiveness rankings 2016?

A) 41st

B) 22nd

C) 35th

D) 66th

(4) Which country will hosting the third “Our Ocean” conference in September 2015-16?


B) Chile

C) Australia

D) Canada

(5) “Computex 2016”, the Asia’s largest technology trade show has started in which country?

A) Indonesia

B) Singapore

C) Malaysia

D) Taiwan


(1) C    (2) D    (3) A    (4) A    (5) D

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