(1) Which city has been selected as the host for the 2022 Commonwealth Games at the Federation’s general assembly in New Zealand on 2nd Sep’15?

(A) Beijing            (B) Durban

(C) Rio                  (D) Mumbai

(2) How may people are using Internet in India in 2014?

(A) 102 million                 (B) 202 million

(C) 302 million                (D) 402 million

(3) Which of the following University researchers are discovered the 46 crores years back Fossilised ‘giant sea scorpion’ in Lowa,USA ?

(A)Texas                (B) Yale

(C) California      (D) Cambridge

(4) Who is the Indian bowler got a 18th rank in recently released ICC ranks?

(A) Cheteshwar Pujara                    (B) Ishant Sharma

(C) Rohit Sharma                      (D) Aswin

(5) What is the rank of India in latest FIFA rankings?

(A) 150                (B) 155

(C) 160              (D) 165

(6) Who is the Indian-Origin appointed as Chancellor of Singapore Management University on 2 September 2015?

(A) Pritam Singh                         (B) J.Y.Pillay

(C) Pornsak Prajakwit              (D) Liyann Seet


(1) B  (2) C  (3) B  (4) B  (5) B (6) B

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