(1) Central government has approved the use of which chemical agent for crowd control measures?

A) CAR-301,060

B) Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide

C) Diphenylcyanoarsine

D) Boulet Asphyxiant

(2) Kiran Bedi recently launched “Shramdaan movement” as part of Swachh Bharat initiative. She is the present Lt Governor of

A) Lakshadweep

B) Andaman and Nicobar

C) Daman and Diu

D) Puducherry

(3) Hrushikesh Mallick will be honoured with the 37th edition of prestigious Sarala Award for his poetry work “Jeje Dekhi”. He is a noted poet of

A) Odia

B) Assamese

C) Tamil

D) Kannada

(4) Which state government has signed an agreement with Falcon Marine Exports for Jagatjore Shrimp Culture Project?

A) Goa

B) Odisha

C) West Bengal

D) Karnataka

(5) Which of the following villages has become the first Wifi hotspot village in Haryana?

A) Samalkha

B) Hansi

C) Gumthala Garhu

D) Ramrai

(6) Name the tennis player who has created history by setting a record of most number of Grand Slam matches wins by a woman in the Open era.

A) Serena Williams

B) Caroline Wozniacki

C) Ana Ivanovic

D) Martina Hingis

(7) Which state government has launched Biju Kanya Ratna Yojana for the development of girls?

A) Tamil Nadu

B) West Bengal

C) Andhra Pradesh

D) Odisha

(8) Which country hanged Jamaat leader Mir Quasem Ali for war crimes in the 1971 war?

A) Iraq

B) Afghanistan

C) Iran

D) Bangladesh

(9) Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)?

A) Kirti Azad

B) Kapil Dev

C) Chetan Chauhan

D) Ravi Shastri

(10) Name the state which has launched a unique programme ‘Maitree Ek Gyan Yatra’ recently.

A) Bihar

B) Kerala

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Assam


(1) B   (2) D   (3) A   (4) B   (5) C   (6) A   (7) D   (8) D   (9) C   (10) D

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