(1) What is the theme of 2016 World Teachers’ Day (WTD)?

A) Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status

B) Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies

C) Invest in the future, invest in teachers!

D) A Call for Teachers

(2) The powerful Typhoon Chaba is expected to hit which of the following countries?

A) Japan

B) New Zealand

C) United States

D) United Kingdom

(3) Which of the following personalities have won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

A) William Moerner, Eric Betzig and Stefan Hell

B) Fraser Stoddart, Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Bernard Feringa

C) Arieh Warshel, Michael Levitt and Martin Karplus

D) Paul Modrich, Tomas Lindahl and Aziz Sancar

(4) Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has flagged off the newly manufactured Guard Van of Goods (Freight) Train. It is powered by_____.

A) Solar energy

B) Biofuel

C) Wind power

D) Anaerobic digestion

(5) Who will become the new Secretary General of the United Nations?

A) Matthew Rycroft

B) Anibal Cavaco Silva

C) Antonio Guterres

D)Vitaly Churkin

(6) Who has been appointed as Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes(CBDT)?

A) Sushil Chandra

B) Vinay Tomar

C) Archana Pathak

D) Devendra Singh

(7) The Union Cabinet has allowed ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) to acquire how much percent stake in Russian oil company JSC Vankorneft from Rosneft Oil Co. (Rosneft)?

A) 12%

B) 11%

C) 13%

D) 18%

(8) Which ministry has set up a Public Debt Management Cell (PDMC) to streamline government borrowings and better cash management?

A) Labour and Employment

B) Finance

C) Law and Justice

D) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

(9) Which country beat China in the inaugural match of the first BRICS U-17 football tournament?

A) South Africa

B) India

C) Brazil

D) Russia

(10) On October 5 which country scrapped its emergency law, The Emergency Provisions Act , 1950?

A) India

B) China

C) Myanmar

D) Azerbaijan


(1) A   (2) A   (3) B   (4) A   (5) C   (6) A   (7) B   (8) B   (9) C   (10) C

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