(1) The 2016 India International Science festival (IISF) has started in which city?

A) Pune

B) New Delhi

C) Kolkata

D) Bengaluru

(2) The tropical cyclone ‘Vardah’ is expected to hit which country?

A) India

B) China

C) Japan

D) South Africa

(3) Article 50 will come into effect on _______ 2017 following Britain’s exit from the European Union.

A) April

B) February

C) December

D) March

(4) Who has been appointed as Ambassador to China?

A) Terry Branstad

B) Terry Boscoe

C) Terry Banwarth

D) Terry Bennet

(5) Which two districts of Haryana have been named as open defecation free districts?

A) Ambala and Bhiwani

B) Gurgaon and Hisar

C) Kurukshetra and Sirsa

D) Palwal and Kaithal

(6) Name the Indian actress who has been voted as the Sexiest Asian Woman of 2016.

A) Alia Bhatt

B) Deepika Padukone

C) Priyanka Chopra

D) Katrina Karif

(7) How many Ballot Units (BUs) and Control Units (CUs) will be purchased by the Election Commission(EC) for the year 2019-19?

A) 435306, 71716

B) 440897, 672384

C) 410000, 71716

D) 435306, 314000

(8) Name the sportsperson who has been named the highest-paid athlete of all time by Forbes.

A) Tiger Woods

B) Rafael Nadal

C) Kobe Bryant

D) Michael Jordan

(9)What is the budget approved by the Union Cabinet to boost employment and generation and exports in the Made-ups Sector?

A) Rs. 6000 crore

B) Rs. 6006 crore

C) Rs. 6002 crore

D) Rs. 6004 crore

(10) In which city was SIMsePAY first launched by Yes Bank?

A) Itanagar

B) Khagria

C) Deharadun

D) Mumbai
(1) B   (2) A   (3) D   (4) A   (5) C   (6) B   (7) A   (8) D   (9) B   (10) C



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