(1) India has recently set up apparel training centre in which of the following African countries to promote skill development?

A) Nigeria

B) Algeria

C) Morocco

D) Zambia

(2) The 2016 North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit has started in which of the following cities?

A) Geneva

B) Paris

C) Berlin

D) Warsaw

(3) The 2016 BRICS heads of drug control agencies working group meeting has been hosted by which city of India?

A) Jaipur

B) New Delhi

C) Mumbai

D) Hyderabad

(4) Which Indian personality has won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for 2015-16?

A) Padma Vijay

B) Nimi Sunilkumar

C) Nandini Gulati

D) Marut Sikka

(5) Which of the following has become the first state of the country to impose a “fat tax” on junk food?

A) Punjab

B) Haryana

C) Karnataka

D) Kerala

(6) PM Narendra Modi reached Maputo as a part of his four nation tour of the African continent recently. Maputo is the capital city of ?

A) Kenya

B) Tanzania

C) South Africa

D) Mozambique

(7) The ‘Smart Pulse Survey’ will be conducted by which state government of India?

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Assam

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Punjab

(8) Who is the author of the book “MS: A life in Music”?

A) U. R. Ananthamurthy

B) Elena Ferrante

C) T.J.S. George

D) Perumal Murugan

(9) The Woodpecker Environment and Wildlife Film Festival was held recently in ?

A) Chandigarh

B) New Delhi

C) Bengaluru

D) Shimla

(10) “INNOPROM 2016” is the largest annual international industrial trade fair of which country?

A) Russia

B) Germany

C) United Kingdom

D) South Africa


(1) A    (2) D    (3) B    (4) B    (5) D   (6) D    (7) A    (8) C    (9) D    (10) A

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