(1) India Summit-2015 by The Economist publishers has been held in New Delhi on ?

(A) 7 September                  (B) 9 September

(C) 15 September                 (D) 21 September

(2) Which of the following organisations received the prestigious ‘Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2014′ on 9 September, 2015 from the President?

(A) SAIL                      (B) ONGC

(C) ISRO                       (D) BSNL

(3) Who is the Australian Wicket keeper announced his retirement from the International Cricket ?

(A) Brad Haddin                  (B) David Warner

(C) Mitchell Johnson         (D) Michael Clarke

(4) Where was the first Global Investors Meet held in India on 9 September, 2015?

(A) Mumbai                    (B) Kolkata

(C) New Delhi                 (D) Chennai

(5) Who is the first woman Director General at DRDO appointed on 9 September, 2015?

(A) J. Manjula                      (B) Meena Bindra

(C) Manju Bhatia                 (D) Premlatha Agarwal

(6) Name the Indian-origin person who has been named as the CEO of the America’s ‘US Green Building Council’ (USGBC) ?

(A) Mahesh Ramanujam              (B) A. Sundaram

(C) Suresh Ramakrishnan            (D) Mahesh Ramakrishnan

(7) Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove’ is a book written by which Pakistan former foreign minister ?

(A) Sartaz Aziz                     (B) Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri

(C) Abdul Sattar                  (D) Aseef Ahmad Ali

(8) Which University Press published the book of former foreing minister of Pakistan Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s “Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove” on 8 September, 2015 in Lahore?

(A) Harvard University Press              (B) Princeton University Press

(C) Oxford University Press                  (D) Yale University Press


(1) B    (2) C    (3) A    (4) D   (5) A    (6) A    (7) B    (8) C

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