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1) Who has been selected by the Russian State Duma to serve as the Prime Minister?

(A) Sergey Abisov

(B) Grigory Aleksinsky

(C) Anton Alikhanov

(D) Dmitry Medvedev

Answer: D

2) Who among the following has been ranked as the most powerful person of the world as per the latest list of The World’s Most Powerful People 2018 by Forbes?

(A) Vladimir Putin

(B) Donald Trump

(C) Xi Jinping

(D) Narendra Modi

Answer: C

3) As per the UN report, India’s economic growth was pushed downward in 2017 due to the implementation of which tax?

(A) Service Tax

(B) Goods and Services Tax

(C) Value Added Tax

(D) Property Tax

Answer: B

4) Who has elected as new prime minister of Armenia?

(A) Nikol Pashinyan

(B) Karen Karapetyan

(C) Serzh Sargsyan

(D) Hovik Abrahamyan

Answer: A

5) The IMF expects India to be the fastest growing economy of 2018 with a growth rate of ___________ percent.

(A) 7.8%

(B) 7.4%

(C) 7.6%

(D) 7.5%

Answer: B

6) India slips to ___ spot in the business optimism index for the first quarter of 2018.

(A) 6th

(B) 8th

(C) 5th

(D) 2nd

Answer: A

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