(1) What is the theme of 2016 World Mental Health Day?

A) Psychological First Aid

B) Dignity in mental health

C) Depression: A Global Crisis

D) Health: Mental Will Power

(2) Russia has signed an agreement with which country for the construction of a major undersea gas pipeline?

A) Turkey

B) Iran

C) Ukraine

D) Azerbaijan

(3) Which lab has been inaugurated by M. Rajeevan, Secretary to the Ministry of Earth Sciences at Himansh in the Spiti Valley on October 10, 2016?

A) Astronomical Research Lab

B) Meteorological Research Lab

C) Glaciological Research Lab

D) Geological Research Lab

(4) How much will the Central government invest to increase the capacity of Panipat refinery?

A) Rs. 21000 crore

B) Rs. 19000 crore

C) Rs. 18500 crore

D) Rs. 15000 crore

(5) “Lalima Abhiyan” will be launch by the which state government to make state free from anaemia?

A) Odisha

B) Assam

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) Kerala

(6) Which of the following personalities have won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics?

A) Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller

B) Angus Deaton and Jean Tirole

C) lvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley

D) Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom

(7) The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) awarded who among the following as the ‘Champion of Champions’ title for pistol shooting in 2016?

A) Ronjan Sodhi

B) Vijay Kumar

C) Gagan Narang

D) Jitu Rai

(8) Who is the newly elected Prime Minister of Morocco?

A) Hamid Chabat

B) Abbas El Fassi

C) Abdelilah Bekirane

D) Mustapha Ramid

(9) Which bank has announced a tie-up with Uber?

A) Citi

B) Axis

C) Standard Chartered


(10) India joined with which country to commence the Second Coordinated Patrol and Maritime Exercise in the Andaman Sea?

A) Seychelles

B) Indonesia

C) Myanmar

D) Phillipines


(1) A   (2) A   (3) C   (4) D   (5) C   (6) D   (7) D   (8) C   (9) C   (10) B

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