(1) Which country has complained to the World Trade Organization(WTO) about support given to the renewable energy industry in eight U.S. states?

A) Germany

B) Japan

C) China

D) India

(2) Who among the following has topped the Fortune’s ‘50 Most Powerful Women International’ list of women based outside the US?

A) Longfor Wu Yajun

B) Ornella Barra

C) Chua Sock Koong

D) Ana Botin

(3) Which toll-free number has been launched by the Union government to register postal complaints?

A) 1924

B) 1926

C) 1928

D) 1927

(4) Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa, governor of which state was recently removed by President Pranab Mukherjee?

A) Arunachal Pradesh

B) Sikkim

C) Odisha

D) West Bengal

(5) Freecharge partnered with which bank on September 12th 2016 to launch Unified payments interface that that allows instant transactions from a smartphone using a virtual payment address (VPA)?


B) HDFC Bank

C) Catholic Syrian bank

D) Axis Bank

(6) Which State Government opened an agriculture museum at Indira Gandhi KrishiVishwavidyalaya to provide information about special agricultural technique, related problems and their solution?

A) Manipur

B) Nagaland

C) Chhattisgarh

D) Kerala

(7) The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the proposal for initiation of the third phase of TEQIP. The TEQIP programme is associated with

A) Textile Export

B) Transport

C) Technical Education

D) Telemedicine

(8) Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the Onam celebrations in which of the following states/UT recently?

A) Goa

B) Puducherry

C) Telangana

D) Kerala

(9) The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the proposal of Department of Consumer Affairs enhancing the buffer stock for which grains?

A) Rice

B) Wheat

C) Jute

D) Pulses

(10) Deepa Malik, who won silver at Rio Paralympics 2016, is associated with which sports?

A) Badminton

B) Shotput

C) Long Jump

D) Archery


(1) D   (2) D   (3) A   (4) A   (5) D   (6) C   (7) C   (8) D   (9) D   (10) B

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