(1) Which of the following has become the first Indian Oil Marketing Company (OMC) to launch lubricants in Myanmar?

(A) Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

(B) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL)

(C) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL)

(D) Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)

(2) Noted educational administrator Satish Chandra passed away recently. He wrote which subject’s NCERT’s textbooks in 1970s?

(A) Geography

(B) History

(C) Science

(D) Mathematics

(3) Which country’s former Culture Minister is to become the next Chief of UNESCO?

(A) Zimbabwe


(C) France

(D) Japan

(4) ___________ Football team captain Arjen Robben announced the end of his international career.

(A) Austria

(B) Slovakia

(C) Italy

(D) Netherlands

(5) Which Yojana was launched by Union Minister Manoj Sinha on 13 October to provide affordable life insurance services to the rurl people?

(A) Upasana Taku

(B) Rumaila Shikhawat

(C) Kinjal Rana

(D) Rukaiya Rangwala

(6) Who has been chosen for the 2017 Mathrubhumi Literary award (MLA)?

(A) K Leelavathy

(B) M Leelavathy

(C) Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri

(D) C Radhakrishnan

(7) Which two countries have decided to withdraw from UNESCO?

(A) USA, Israel

(B) USA, Netherlands

(C) Israel, Denmark

(D) Denmark, Netherlands


(1) B   (2) B   (3) C   (4) D   (5) D   (6) B   (7) A

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