(1) Tony Abbott lost his post as Prime Minister in the secret party voting held recently in which country ?

(A) Australia                  (B) North America

(C) Russia                     (D) Canada

(2) Who is the Indian Origin person elected as the mayor of Bonn town of Germany recently?

(A) Sreedhar Ramakrishnan       (B) Ashok Sreedharan

(C) Rohit Malhotra                         (D) Sanjay Krishnan

(3) Indian Army organises cycle rally to commemorate 1965 victory over Pakistan in the name of ‘The Victory Car Rally’ on which date of September ?

(A) September 12-18              (B) September 14-18

(C) September 10-15              (D) September 12-15

(4)  Who is the winner of US Open Tennis Men’s Singles held on 14 September, 2015?

(A) Andy Murrey                 (B) Roger Federer

(C) Novak Djokovic             (D) Peet Sampras

(5) Where is the 11th Indo -American Economic Summit has been held on 14 September, 2015?

(A) Delhi                   (B) Mumbai

(C) Jaipur                 (D) Bangalore

(6)  World Bank ranks which state as most investor friendly state in the list of states on the ease of doing business in India?

(A) Karnataka               (B) Andhra Pradesh

(C) Gujarat                     (D) Delhi

(7) Arundhati Bhattacharya ranked second in a list of most powerful women in Asia-Pacific prepared by Fortune is the Chairman of ___?

(A) ICICI                     (B) Axis Bank

(C) Andhra Bank      (D) SBI


(1) A    (2) B    (3) A    (4) C    (5) A    (6) C    (7) D

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