(1) Name the Field marshal, who have been appointed to independent India First Commander-in-Chief?

A) KM. Cariappa

B) Maharaj Shri Rajendrasinhji Jadeja

C) Sir Francis Butcher

D) Sir Francis Robert

(2) Name the Vessel, which can carries cars and loaded trucks between Gujarat and Mangaluru started recently?

A) MN Dresden

B) LM Dresden

C) KG Dresden

D) MV Dresden

(3) Name the country, which can lifts 20-years economic embargo on Sudan?

A) United States

B) United Nations

C) Russia

D) Britain

 (4) In the recent Film fare Awards 2017 “Dangal” swept away three of the top four awards. What was it?

A) 61st

B) 62nd

C) 63rd

D) 64th

(5) Name the team, which has lifted Ranji Trophy title by beating 41-time champions Mumbai by 5 wickets in Indore?

A) Punjab

B) Karnataka

C) Hyderabad

D) Gujarat


(1) A    (2) D    (3) A    (4) B    (5) D

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