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(1) Which new feature is about to be added as an additional security feature for Aadhaar verification?

(A) Sound Identifier

(B) Face Identification

(C) Thumb Impression

(D) None of the above

(2) Which country has ordered to reimpose ban on women buying alcohol?

(A) Iran

(B) India

(C) China

(D) Sri Lanka

(3) The Indian Army is celebrating year 2018 as the ——————-.

(A) The Year of Disabled Soldier in the Line of Duty

(B) The Time of Courageous Soldiers in the Line of Duty

(C) The Year of Brave Fighters

(D) None of the above

(4) India has contributed how much money to UN’s youth mission which works to raise awareness & attention to youth issues globally?

(A) USD 40,000

(B) USD 50,000

(C) USD 45,000

(D) USD 10,000

(5) Who has been named as the Chairman of Finance Commission of Indian Olympic Association?

(A) Anil Khanna

(B) Nalini Ranjan Sarker

(C) Kamal Kumar

(D) Sohrab Bhoot

(6) India & which country have inked 9 pacts to boost cooperation in key areas, including cybersecurity and energy?

(A) Japan

(B) Saudi Arab

(C) Israel

(D) Russia


(1) B   (2) D   (3) A   (4) B   (5) A   (6) C

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