(1) India is finally close to operationalising its long-awaited nuclear weapons triad — the capability to launch nukes from land, air and sea with the commissioning of

A) INS Chakra

B) INS Sindhuvijay

C) INS Kolkata

D) INS Arihant

(2) Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the National SC/ST Hub to provide support to entrepreneurs from the community in

A) Chandigarh

B) Ludhiana

C) Hyderabad

D) Chennai

(3) Prime Minister has inaugurated three state-run mega hydro power of 1,752 MW capacity in the state during his day-long maiden visit to which state?

A) Uttar Pradesh

B) Andhra Pradesh

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) Himachal Pradesh

(4) Which of the following countries is agreed to lease out a second nuclear attack submarine of the Akula class to India?


B) Israel

C) Sweden

D) Russia

(5) Human rights activist Irom Sharmila announced a new political party in Manipur. What is the name of the party?

A) Peoples Resurgence and Justice Alliance

B) Manipur State Congress Party

C) National People’s Party

D) The Future India Party

(6) Which of the following is not a proposed slab rate for GST decided by the Centre at a meeting of the GST Council ?

A) 6 %

B) 12 %

C) 18 %

D) 22 %

(7) What is the overall level for the particulate matter (PM) which is recorded in Delhi as per System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR)?

A) 2.5

B) 2.0

C) 3.5

D) 3.0

(8) What is the name of urologist was elected as the new President of the North Zone of Urology Society of India (NZUSI) on October 18, 2016 at the conclusion of a three-day annual conference?

A) P.K. Patnaik

B) R.K Nandakumar

C) S. P Rajkumar

D) S. P Yadav

(9) How much fund will be provided by World Bank to Bangladesh to fight child malnutrition?

A) $5 billion

B) $1 billion

C) $4 billion

D) $2 billion

(10) The book “Jinnah Often Came To Our House” has been authored by whom?

A) Niranjan Kumar

B) Chitra Divakaruni

C) Kiran Doshi

D) Amish tripathi


(1) D   (2) B   (3) D   (4) D   (5) A   (6) D   (7) A   (8) D   (9) B   (10) C

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