(1) Name the city, which has been Most Dynamic City in the World by the ranking of WEF, recently?

A) Delhi

B) Bengaluru

C) Mumbai

D) Hyderabad

 (2) The year, which has been world witnessed the hottest year on record by UN weather agency?

A) 2016

B) 2015

C) 2014

D) 2013

 (3) Name the state, which has been launched Anandam Scheme for helping poor people, recently?

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Assam

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) Bihar

 (4) Name the person, who has been inducted into Legends Club Hall of Fame, recently? 

A) Ajit Wadekar

B) Sunil Gavaskar

C) Ravi Sastri

D) Kapil Dev

 (5) Name the asteroid, which has been set to explore by NASA as Iron Rich Asteroid?

A) 99 Dike

B) 60 Echo

C) 16 Psyche

D) 15 Eunomia

(6) Name the sport, recently in which Indian Women Boxers Win 6 Medals in Serbia?

A) 5th AIBA Nations Cup

B) Asian Woman Championship

C) Asian Women’s Cup

D) Venus Women’s Boxing Cup


(1) B    (2) A    (3) C    (4) D    (5) C    (6) A

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