(1) When was the new cabinet formed in Egypt, after the Prime Minister Mahleb resigned to the post?

(A) 12 September                (B) 16 September

(C) 19 September               (D) 22 September


(2) Who is the new Prime Minister of Egypt?

(A) Sherif Ismail                       (B) Ibrahim Mahlab

(C) Abdel Fattah el-Sisi           (D) Mohamed Morsi


(3) Mihir Shah Committee was formed by the Union Government on which date?

(A) 2 September                     (B) 12 September

(C) 15 September                   (D) 11 September


(4) What is the portal inaguarated in Supreme Court on 19 September to monitor the pending cases across the country?

(A) National Judicial Data Grid                  (B) Judicial Grid of Nation

(C) National Data Grid                              (D) Judicial Data Grid


(5) Jackie Collins, a famous author who died recently belongs to which country ?

(A) America                           (B) Britain

(C) Australia                         (D) Italy



(1) C     (2) A     (3) D     (4) A     (5) B

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