(1) State the day, on which UN English Language day is Observed every year?

A) 21st April

B) 22nd April

C) 23rd April

D) 24th April

(2) Name the place, in which the 1st India, Indonesia Energy Forum was held, recently?

A) Jakarta

B) Jamshedpur

C) Jammu and Kashmir

D) None

(3) State the day on which we has been celebrated World Book and Copyright Day, 2017?

A) 23rd April

B) 24 th April

C) 25th April

D) 26th April

(4) Name the sports events, which were removed from the 2018 Asian Games?

A) Cricket

B) Sambo

C) Kurash

D) All the above

(5) Name the Nepal President, who has been officially visited India, recently?

A) Tripti Nadakar

B) Bidhya Devi Bhandari

C) Usha Rajak

D) None


(1) C    (2) A    (3) A    (4) D    (5) B

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