(1) Name the Hockey player, who has won the best hockey player of 2016, recently?

A) Dohmen

B) Naomi

C) Both

D) None

(2) State the day, on which the 74th Central Excise Day Celebrated, recently?

A) 21st February

B) 22nd February

C) 23rd February

D) 24th February

(3) Name the Nobel-Winning economist, who was died at the age of 95, recently?

A) Kenneth J.Arrow

B) Paul Samuelson

C) Gunnar Myrdal

D) James Meade

(4) Name the place in India, 7 tiny new frogs are discovered researchers, recently?

A) Eastern Ghats

B) Western Ghats

C) North Pole

D) South Pole

(5) Name the country, which was inked a pact on rail safety with India, recently?

A) Germany

B) Korea

C) Japan

D) Dubai


(1) C    (2) D    (3) A    (4) B    (5) C

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