(1) Every year in India, National Voters Day observed on?

A) January 24th

B) January 25th

C) January 26th

D) January 27th

 (2) Name the Former Australian Cricketer, who has been joined into Hall of Fame, recently?

A) David Boon

B) Matthew Hayden

C) Wilson

D) All

(3) Who has been renowned with peace prize by Venezuelan president NIcolas Maduro, recently?

A) Vladimir Putin

B) Boris Yeltsin

C) Gorbachev

D) None

 (4) Name the country, which has joined UK to launch ASAP – Delhi project to tackle Delhi Air Pollution Risks?

A) India

B) Japan

C) Dubai

D) Nepal

 (5) What does Rub SIS stand for in the context of context of Commerce and Industry?

A) Rubber Soil Information systems

B) Rubber Solar Information systems

C) Rubber Soil Information systems

D) N0ne


(1) B    (2) D    (3) A    (4) A    (5) A

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