(1) Name the state, which has been launched ambitious free WiFi facilities for students?

A) Bihar

B) Assam

C) Uttarakhand

D) None

(2) State the No. of teams to 36th expedition to Antarctica send by ISRO, recently?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

(3) Name the Photographer, who has been conferred with Lifetime Achievement Award, recently?

A) Arko Datta

B) Ritam Banerjee

C) Raghu Rai

D) None

(4) State the No.of Indian Americans named for 2017 Ellis Island Medal of Honour, recently?

A) 6

B) 7

C) 8

D) 9

(5) Name the place on which India’s longest road tunnel built,, recently?

A) Jammu & Kashmir

B) Assam and Mizoram

C) Nagaland & Manipur

D) None

(6) Name the person, who has been appointed as Director of ISA, recently?

A) Rajendra Tripathy

B) Upendra Tripathy

C) Both

D) None

(7) Name the Afghan city, which has been captured by Talibans, recently?

A) Farah

B) Balkh

C) Sangin

D) None

(8) Name the Indian City, which has got a vertical garden in it?

A) Hyderabad

B) Bengaluru

C) Chennai

D) None

(9) Name the missile, which was successfully test fired by Indian Navy from INS Vikramaditya, recently?

A) Barak Missile

B) Marak Missile

C) Parak Missile

D) None

(10) Name the city of Scientists who were created the World’s largest artificial sun, recently?

A) Berlin

B) Leipzig

C) Bonn

D) None


(1) A    (2) D    (3) C    (4) A    (5) A    (6) B    (7) C    (8) B    (9) A    (10) A

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