(1) In a first, ISRO’s PSLV put eight satellites in two different orbits on 26 Sep. Which of the following was one of its payloads?

A) Pathfinder-1 (US)

B) SCATSAT-1 (India)

C) ALSAT-1B (Algeria)

D) All the above

(2) Which of the following countries has built world’s largest radio telescope nicknamed Tianyan? It is a five-hundred- metre aperture spherical radio telescope (FAST).


B) Japan

C) China

D) Russia

(3) India’s largest civilian research and development agency Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) celebrated its platinum jubilee recently. The President of CSIR is

A) Narendra Modi

B) Smriti Irani

C) Hamid Ansari

D) Pranab Mukherjee

(4) Arnold Palmer who passed away on September 26 was a _____.

A) Sportsperson

B) Journalist

C) Writer

D) Politician

(5) In which year was the first Akashwani Sangeet Sammelan held?

A) 1990

B) 1974

C) 1963

D) 1954

(6) Which country will host the BRICS Young Scientist Conclave 2016?

A) India

B) Russia

C) China

D) South Africa

(7) Ali Bongo is the President of which country?

A) Equatorial Guinea

B) Gabon

C) Somalia

D) Rwanda

(8) Who inaugurated the National Museum of African American History aqnd Culture in Washington?

A) Barack Obama

B) Neil deGrasse Tyson

C) Chuck Berry

D) Robert L. Johnson

(9) Ajay Singh has been elected as the new president of the

A) Hockey India

B) Archery Association of India

C) Badminton Association of India

D) Boxing Federation of India

(10) Who among the following won the men’s singles title of the 2016 St Petersburg Open tennis tournament?

A) Henri Kontinen

B) Dominic Inglot

C) Stan Wawrinka

D) Alexander Zverev


(1) D   (2) C   (3) A   (4) A   (5) D   (6) A   (7) B   (8) A   (9) D   (10) D

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