(1) Name the Indian Woman, who has been elected member of IOC’s Olympic Channel Commission recently?

A) Nita Ambani

B) Tessy Thomas

C) Chanda Kochhar

D) None

(2) State the position India in the World Press Freedom Index, which was released recently?

A) 135 th

B) 136 th

C) 137 th

D) 138 th

(3) What is the distance between newly discovered Ice ball planet and Earth?

A) 11,000 ly

B) 12,000 ly

C) 13,000 ly

D) 14,000 ly

(4) Name the Indian city, which has been selected for APA’s Pierre L’Enfant Award – 2017, recently?

A) Bhubaneswar

B) Jayapur

C) Ankaleshwar

D) Udipur

(5) Name the missile, which has been successfully test-fired India on 27th April 2017?

A) Agni – I

B) Agni – II

C) Agni – III

D) None


(1) A    (2) B    (3) C    (4) A    (5) C

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