(1) Which country has set up a state-owned aircraft engine maker with registered capital of $7.5 billion?

A) Mexico

B) India

C) China

D) Namibia

(2) National Sports Day is being observed on which date every year to mark the birthday of Dhyan chand, the hockey player contributed in Olympics for India?

A) August 28

B) August 29

C) August 30

D) August 31

(3) What is LEMOA?

A) Space Exploration Satellite

B) Vaccine for Zika Virus

C) Newly discovered planet

D) Military logistic agreement

(4) The Chemicals & Fertilizers and Parliamentary Affairs Minister has launched a mobile App called __________________on the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) foundation day function in New Delhi

A) Pharma Sahi Daam

B) Pharma Uday Daam

C) Pharma Udyog Daam

D) Pharma Siksha Daam

(5) Eminent poetess and novelist Padma Sachdev was recently awarded the prestigious Saraswati Samman for the year 2015. She writes in which of the following languages?

A) Dogri

B) Tamil

C) Assamese

D) Malayalam

(6) Which country has launched its first military heritage website, coloursofglory.org?

A) North Korea

B) China

C) India

D) Pakistan

(7) Who has been appointed as a Brand Ambassador and Commandant of CRPF?

A) Saina Nehwal

B) P.V. Sindhu

C) Jitu Rai

D) Sakshi Malik

(8) Former Governor Mohammad Shafi Qureshi has passed away in Delhi at the age of 87 years. He was a former Governor of which state?

A) Uttarkhand

B) Tamilnadu

C) Kerala

D) Madhya Pradesh

(9) Dinanath Pathy, who passed away recently, was related to which field?

A) Art

B) Sports

C) Photography

D) Marine Science

(10) The Madhukar Gupta Committee, which submitted its report recently, is related to

A) substitution of pellet guns

B) removal of AFSPA

C) One Rank One Pension

D) India-Pakistan border


(1) C   (2) B   (3) D   (4) A   (5) A   (6) C   (7) B   (8) D   (9) A   (10) D

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