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(1) India will sign a MoU for cooperation in the policy planning and technology transfer in the urban transport sector with which Nation?

(A) Japan

(B) UK

(C) Russia

(D) Germany

(2) The City of Oxford has stripped which Nobel Peace Laureate of its human rights award for failling to respond to the world’s biggest refugee crisis?

(A) Leymah Roberta Gbowee

(B) Shirin Ebadi

(C) Tawakkol Karman

(D) Aung San Suu Kyi

(3) Who among the following has become the first women to be appointed as the Secretary General of the Lok Sabha?

(A) Snehlata Shrivastava

(B) Meenakshi Lekhi

(C) Kothapalli Geetha

(D) Ranee Narah

(4) Thodupuzha Vasanthi was a popular actress of which film industry?

(A) Marathi

(B) Bengali

(C) Malayalam

(D) Gujarati

(5) Who has been appointed as the new Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Air India?

(A) Rajiv Bansal

(B) Ashwani Lohani

(C) Pradeep Singh Kharola

(D) Rituraj Singh

(6) Which among the given countries has agreed to help India in setting up National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) to deal with emergency situation?

(A) Britain

(B) Russia

(C) South Africa

(D) Japan

(7) Name the movie to win the Golden Peacock Award for Best Film at the 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI)?

(A) Take Off

(B) Angels Wear Whit

(C) Viejo Calavera

(D) 120 Beats Per Minute


(1) B   (2) D   (3) A   (4) C   (5) C   (6) B   (7) D

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