1.Hosni Mubarak who was sentenced to life imprisonment was the  ex-president of which country?


2.Which country interior minister Rehman Malik  senate over dual nationality


3.Motorola is owned by which of the following companies     


4. Which country takes off the first solar  intercontinental flight


5. Which country's internal security minister George Saitoti was killed in helicopter crash on 10 June 2012 ?    


  7.Noble prize money slashes to how many million? 


8. Which country's Taliban not to allow anti polio campaign in N. Waziristan    


9.Who is the saudi Arabian Prince died rencently due to which prince salman became the new saudi arabian prince?    


  9.Yusuf Gilani ,the disqualified PM of pakistan belongs to the party ?    


10.Which country Ranked 13th  in failed state Index ?    


11. Larry Ellison,Oracle CEO, recently bought an Island which is called ?    


  12. Who is the new prime minister of Pakistan?    


13. Which two countries jointly build armoured Infantry vehicle?    


13.After 22 years, US appointed ambassador to ?


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