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1) Which City is one of the top 3 most expensive city according to Economist Intelligence Unit Survey?
A) Paris
B) Singapore
C) Hong Kong
D) All of the above
Answer: D

2) Who among the following has become the first transgender appointed as election ambassador?
A) Rekha Gill
B) Gauri Sawant
C) Babita Singh
D) Roshni Pandey
Answer: B

3) Which Country ranked 140th in the happiest country in the world 2019 list?
A) India
B) China
C) Japan
Answer: A

4) Who among the following has assumed the charged as Flag Officer Sea Training?
A) Vice Admiral MS Pawar
B) Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar
C) Rear Admiral Krishna Swaminathan
D) Vice Admiral R Hari Kumar
Answer: C

5) 34th GST Council meeting held in Which City?
A) Mumbai
B) New Delhi
C) Chennai
D) Hyderabad
Answer: B

6) Mercer Quality Index was based on the data analysed between Which Months?
A) May & November
B) September & December
C) July & November
D) September & November
Answer: D

7) Which Bank to issue Basel III compliant bonds?
A) South Indian Bank
B) Bank of India
C) Andhra Bank
Answer: A

8) Dick Dale passed away Recently. He was popularly known as _________.
A) Dancer
B) Actor
C) Guitarist
D) Scientist
Answer: C

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