US To End Afgan Mission By 2013

The President of US Barrack Obama was facing a tough time of re-election campaign, as the strongest signal is that the White House wants to put an end to wars. The US troops completed their withdrawal   from Iraq in Dec 2011. So the US Government plans to end combat operations in Afghanistan in 2013  and shift to training program.

Face book Files For Historic IPO

A social networking for huge Face book had filed an initial public offering  (IPO),Which could raise as   much $10 billion and raise the value of the company between $75billion and $10billion.It had more  than 845million active users across the world .

Russia &China Vetoed The UN Security Council Resolution

Russia & China on 4 Feb 2012 vetoed the UN Security Council resolution for the second time in four  months. The resolution condemns the Syria regime’s on public uprising calls upon Present Basher Al Assad to abide by the Arab league time-fame for political reforms in the country. The frame for   implementation of the resolution by Syria was increased from 15 days to 21 days

EU Wants 3rd World To Double Its Renewable Energy By 2030

The European Union (EU) wants Countries meeting at a conference in the up coming June under the UN’s Rio+2o mechanism to double their share of renewable energy by 2030 under an International obligation. EU wants countries like India to agree to double its energy efficiency levels under an  International understanding. All world leaders are to gather in June for the United Nations Conference on sustainable development, known as Rio+20 in policy circles.

Indonesia Became The 157th Country For Test-Ban Treaty

Indonesia had formalized ratification of the nuclear test ban treaty on 6 Feb 2012 at the United Nation. The South-east Asia nuclear weapon free-zone treaty commits ASEAN’s 10 members’ stakes not to develop, manufacture or, otherwise acquire posses or has control over an atomic energy.

Moody’s Cut Rating Of Six European Countries

Moody’s action follow those of standard & poor’s which downgraded rating of six European countries, Italy Malta,Portugal,Slovakia and Slovenia all had their rating cut by one notch with a negative outlook, while Spain was cut by two notches to A3, with a negative outlook. Britain, Australia and France could lose their triple’ A’ ratings as rating agency Moody placed the countries on negative watch.

Pakistan To Grant MFN Status To India By 2012

Pakistan on 15 Feb 2012 agreed liberal trade with India and conceded to put in place a small negative   list of goods by the end of the month where imports will be restricted. By the year end even this negative list expected to be phased out. A joint statement issued after bilateral talks between commerce minister Anand Sharma and Markhdosm .Pakistan will grant MFN status to India by October 2012.

Three New Nuclear Projects By Iran

Iran on 15 Feb 2012 launched three nuclear projects including a fourth generation ultra centrifuge, which is capable of enriching the uranium faster than its earlier models. The first one was at the Iranian  Atomic Organisation Research Center in Tehran where Iran’s first home made nuclear fuel rods were  loaded into a medical reactor. This would be used for production of two other projects in the Nathan plant in Central Iran. Enriched uranium is a critical compound for both civil nuclear power  generation and nuclear weapons

China to Be Top Gold Consumer In 2012

According to the World Gold Council ( WGC ) China had over taken India as the country with greatest appetite for gold in 2012. Its Jewellery investment demand reached 769.8 tonnes in 2011.Representing 82 % of Indian’s level of demand for gold which was at 933.4 tonnes. The Chines figure had only recently risen above the 50% mark in the gold market.

EU-US In Trade Tie- up

The US and European countries had entered into a historic trade arrangement that will pare way for organic products certified in the U.S or EU to be sold in either region from 1 June  2012 To bring the  two largest organic producers and markets together to promote organic farming and is valued at around $60billion. Germany stands as its contribution to the organic market is $ 6billion.

Dow Chemicals Remain To Be Sponsor For London Olympics

The International Olympic Committee ( IOC) on 16 Feb 2012 announced that Dow Chemicals would   remain a sponsor of the London Olympics. The Indian Olympic Association had appealed to the IOC  London Games Organizing committee to withdraw the Dow’s sponsorship from the London Olympics. The International Olympic Committee turned down the appeal of IOC maintaining that Dow chemicals, the parent company of Union Carbide had no role in the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984.    It insisted Dow chemicals did not have any ownership stake in union carbide until 16 yrs after the disaster and 12yrs after the USD 470 million compensation agreements was approved by the supreme court of India.

Independent Evaluation Group On World Bank’s Crisis

A phase -two study of the World Bank’s crisis response, presented in a report, that the world Bank’s response to the global economic crisis. Phase II was released on 23 Feb 2012. The report noted during  its responses to the worst financial economic crisis that hit the world economy in 2008, the World Bank failed to adequately modify its lending patterns as per the severity at the downturn across nations.

World’s Richest Country Qatar

Qatar had the world’s highest per capita GDP  Rs. 43,06733 , while the economy grew by 19.40%, the  fastest in the world . Qatar had been proven reserves of both oil and natural gas. Qatar tops the list of  world’s richest countries by the Forbes magazine in 2012, with a small citizen population of less than  17 lakh people. The Forbes magazine had announced 182 countries ranking among these countries the   world richest country is Qatar ,in second place is Luxembourg, in third place is Singapore,  and Burundi,  Liberia and Congo at the least places. Qatar is the place where the next World football world cup is  going to be held in 2022.

N.Korea, Agreed To n-Moratorium’s

United states officials confirmed that North Korea had agreed to halt nuclear tests and activities and  implement a moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile development in exchange for a US  package of 240,000metric tonnes of food aid. The agreement also includes suspension of uranium enrichment activities at Yongbyon and also permission for International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to return and conform the disablement of the 5-MW reactor and associated facilities.

Long List Of Millionaires In China’s Parliament

The membership of the National Poeple’s Congress provides wealthy businessmen on powerful platform and secure their support for the communist party of China .The NPC, the chinese parliament and top legislative body convenes in Beijing on March 5 for its annual session, it will be bringing together not only China’s most powerful political leaders but also some of the nation’s wealthiest individuals. The net worth o f the 70 richest delegates at the NPC, was $89.8billion, the country’s 3,000 Members’ legislative house.


NMDC Buys Coal, Iron Ore Mines From Overseas

India’s largest iron ore producer NMDC, Which had acquired a 50% stake in the Australian iron ore firm Legacy Iron ore recently. To acquire more from overseas mines, one each in Russia, Brazil,  Mozambique and Australia.

India :Don’t Want Change Of Rule In Syria

India had taken decision to vote in favour of the UN Security Council resolution on Syria by stating  that it does not want a regime change in the turmoil-ridden Arab country. The draft resolution was supported by 13 of the 15 members of the UN Security council when it was voted on 4 Feb 2012. Russia and China used their vote power to block the resolution. By Russia and China backing the security council, the syrian regime had stepped up armed attacks against protesters in the embattled city.

 $250m Credit For Mauritius

India had announced an economic package which includes a line of credit of $250million and a grant of $ 20million to Mauritius with whom it had traditionally enjoyed warm and friendly ties. The two sides also signed a slew of agreements and MoUs. The two sides will provide a frame work for cooperation in the field of science and technology.

India & China Call For New “Flexible” Ties

Indian & Chinese leaders on 8 Feb 2012 had laid out a new roadmap for bilateral ties calling for a     “Flexible and imaginative” approach in 2012 to minimise the effect of persisting political irritants,     such as border disputes and Tibet. External Affairs minister S.M.Krishna who on 8 Feb inaugurated India’s new $10million embassy, which he had described as turning a new page in ties and underscored  India’s willingness to calm sources of tension.

India & China Set Bilateral Trade Target $100b

India & China had set up an ambitious bilateral trade target of $100billion by 2015 compared to last  yrs record figure of $74billion, External Affairs Minister S.M,Krishna  said Bilateral Economic & Trade Cooperation had witnessed a robust growth rate. India will continue to carry forward the   positive momentum in ties.

India & Saudi Agreed to Set Up Joint Working Group

India & Saudi Arabia on 13 Feb 2012 agreed to set up a joint working group on defense cooperation during the visit of Defense Minister A.K.Antony. The two sides held wide range talks about combating terrorism and piracy and cooperation in regional affairs.

Pakistan May Be Allowed To Invest In India

India may allow investments from Pakistan into the country; Government Sources said the commerce ministry had proposed to the finance minister to exempt Pakistan from the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) Regulations. This is being seen as a move to strengthen bilateral economic relation between the two countries.

India Seeks Oil From Saudi-Arabia

India had sought additional five million tonnes of crude oil from Saudi- Arabia as its second largest oil supplier Iran faces action from US & Israel over the Islamic nations nuclear programmed. Saudi-Arabia is the biggest supplier of crude oil to India followed by Iran, Iraq and Nigeria. India buys 27million tonnes of crude oil per annum from Saudi-Arabia while its annual import from Iran is about 17million tonnes.

India & Pakistan Extended Agreement On Reducing Risk From Nuclear Accidents

India & Pakistan on 21 Feb 2012 agreed to extend the agreement related to nuclear weapons for another five years, in accordance with article 8 of the agreement between the two countries. The agreement had come into force on 21 Feb 2007 for an initial duration of five years.

India To Set Up Engagement With Arab World

India will set up its mutilateral engagement with the Arab world in the up coming months with a series of events that will include a visit to Cairo by the External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna to confabulate with the Arab League and to re-engage Egypt, which is stepping out of the rigid policy confines of the  Mubarak era.

Canada, India For Nuclear Ties

The civil nuclear cooperation agreement between India and Canada closes, the two countries could  cooperate in looking at third markets requiring nuclear technology for energy purpose. The two  nations realizing the importance and the value of strong bilateral relations. The best indicator of the improved  ties was the civil nuclear cooperation agreement signed by the Prime ministers of both the countries in 2010.Canada would be able to sell uranium, nuclear supplies and equipment to India soon.

NTPC To Supply 250MW Power To Bangladesh

The country’s largest electricity producer NTPC is going to supply 250MW power to Bangladesh from the unallocated quota, a move that will help strengthen trade ties between the two nations.


On 2G Spectrum, Supreme Court Cancels 122 Licenses

The Supreme Court on Feb 2 2012 cancelled 122 2G licenses granted during the period of former  communication minister A. Raja Jan 2008. The 2G spectrum scandal involved officials in the Government illegally undercharging mobiles telephony companies for frequency allocation licenses.The shortfall between the money collected and the money which the law mandated to be collected isEstimated to be Rs.176,645crore. As the grants of these licenses is illegal and blamed the Governmentfor its flawed’ first come first served’ policy, and imposes a fine of 5crore for each on 3 telecomcompanies which offloaded their shares after getting the licenses.

46,800 Indians Died Of Malaria

Malaria deaths in India is more than 40 times higher than what is presently estimated.New research  published in the Lancet shows that malaria kills 1.2million people worldwide each year-twice as high as the figure in the world malaria report -2011. In India, it is estimated that 4,800″Malaria deaths in children younger than 5 yrs and 42,000 malaria deaths in those aged 5 yrs or older” for the year 2010 as against 19,000 malaria deaths in children younger than 5 yrs and 87,000malaria deaths in those aged 5yrs or older in 2002. Globally, 42% of all malaria deaths occur in older,children & adults. 20% deaths are in 15-49 age groups.

Major NREGA Reforms To Be Done

Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Feb 2 2012 said that their had been several complaints of corruption & irregularities regarding rural jobs schemes, MGNREGA. To make immediate reforms in the scheme, the rural development minister Jairam Ramesh told in the MGNREGA conference that the CAG would also look into the expenditure under the scheme and also the payments of wages in time for workers .

In India, Record Of 14 lakh Cancer Cases

India records high of 14 lakh new cases per annum. World Cancer Day, being observed on 4 Feb every  year that over 12.7million people receive cancer diagnosis and 7.6million people die from these disease every year. Nowadays cancer had become lifestyle of the person that is to blame, much like in the case of diabetes and Hypertension.

Yuvraj Singh Confirmed Cancer

Yuvraj Singh, Who played a key role in India’s ODI World Cup triumph in 2011, had been confirmed  with lung cancer had been diagnosed that the tumor was cancerous in his left lung.

The Most Happiest People Reside In Three Countries

According to a poll conducted by global research company IPCo’s, the happiest people of the world reside in Indonesia, India and Mexico. The survey measured comparative depth and intensity of  happiness among country citizens and the world . As world was a happier place than in 2007 as 22%  of  global citizens were found to be happy in state of mind, Indians were among the happiest on the planet. On a national level, Indonesia had the highest proportion of happiest people with 51%,  followed by India and Mexico with 43% each.

India‘s Lakshya-I Successfully Test Flown

India’s indigenously developed micro-light pilot less target aircraft (PTA) Lakshya-I was successfully  test flown from Integrated Test Range at Chandipur near Balasore on 8 Feb 2012. Lakshya, a sub-sonic, re-usable aerial target system is remote controlled from the ground and designed to import  training to both air borne and air defense pilots. The (PTA) had been developed by India’s Aeronautic Development Establishment (ADE), Bangalore to perform discreet aerial reconnaissance of battle field and target acquisition.

Approval Of The National Data Sharing & Accessibility Policy

The Union cabinet of India on 9 Feb 2012 approved the national data sharing & accessibility policy (NDSAP 2012) to facilitate access to central Government owned shareable data & information and also national planning & development.

 Special Commemorative Stamp

President Pratibha Patil on 9 Feb 2012 released a special commemorative stamp to mark the golden jubilee of the India International Centre (IIC) in New Delhi. This centre plays a major role in promoting awareness and creating public opinion. The stamp priced at five rupees promoted the nation image and depicts the rich diverse culture of the country.

Missile Interceptor Tested Successfully

Indian Defense Scientist on 10 Feb 2012 successfully demonstrated an indigenous ballistic missile from the Odisha coast; an air defense missile successfully tracked, hit and destroyed an incoming ballistic missile at a height of 15km and range of 35km, according to the defense research and development organization.

India‘s First Vessel Traffic Service Dedicated To Nation

In Gujarat, India’s first highly sophisticated vessel traffic service was dedicated to the nation in Kandla. Sixteen thousand square km of Gulf of Kutch are now under strict vigilance by this ultra modern radar system, which is the first and the largest radar surveillance system on Indian coast.

Announcement Of New Telecom Policy

The new telecom policy was announced by communication minister Kapil Sibal on 15 Feb 2012. The key policy measures are aimed at reassuring incumbent operations who had been seeking clarity in rules at a time when the Government is making every possible effort to put the cam-tainted telecom sector back on track. Telecom companies operating in the same region will be allowed to share 2g spectrum. All future allocation of airwaves will only be through auctions.Also, future licenses will be declined from spectrum and companies must buy bandwidth at market rates.

 Sahara Back As Sponsor

The deadlock between the board of control for cricket in India and the Sahara group ended on 16 Feb with the board agreeing to most of the corporates demands. The Sahara owned franchise Pune warriors will continue to play in the Indian premier League, with the board reactivating its unspent auction purse of $16m. From both side a joint statement was given to extent the IPL trading windows till 29 Feb to give Pune warriors the opportunity to negotiate with other franchises. Tore- activate the auctionpurse of Pune warriors so that they can take more players. To start the arbitration proceedings subjectto the consent of others franchisers BCCI had agreed to allow Pune warriors to play five overseasplayers in non-availability of Yuvraj Singh.

“India’s success Had Inspired The World” WHO

An, announcement  was made by the health & family planning minister Glulam Nabi Azad at the 12th Polio summit 2012, held in New Delhi, That the World Health Organisation (WHO) has removed India  from the list of polio-ridden countries. Suggesting that the wild polio virus had been totally eliminated  from the environment. And India had successfully completed an entire year without an incidence of polio. However, India will have to remain polio free for two more years before it is declared polio-free by the WHO. There were only four countries in the WHO endemic list including Pakistan, Nigeria and   Afghanistan.

Government To Set Up National Internet Scanning Agency

The Government is setting up an Internet Scanning agency which will seek to monitor all web traffic  passing through internet service providers in the country.

India To Set Up 20 N-Reactors

To boost up the nuclear energy in the country, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd plans to set up 20 nuclear reactors in different states. They will be ready during the 12th five years plan and the new plants will come up, among other places, at Kovvada in Andhrapradesh. The nuclear energy production in the country has now touched 32,000 million units.

Survey Of India To Bring New Set Of Maps

The survey of India is all set to bring out a new set of maps with never before details like, open spaces, rocky areas, important buildings and landmarks, roads and even power lines passing through an area soon. One of the first such maps brought out by it’s as part of a pilot project was displayed during an exhibition.


Chennai-Based Heymath To Se”Maths Face book”

In 2005, American writer Thomas Friedman was impressed with Chennai-based online Mathematics education platform Heymath. If Friedman were to describe its aspirations at present he could make,’ math’s face book’ for ,Hey math, which had former IMFchief economist Raghuram Rajan and entrepreneur Jerry Rao on its advisory board, to launch a social net working site for mathematics the first of its kind ,within three months. Symbolically, it is happening in 2012 the National mathematics year in India. The math’s social network to be called as ‘Teaching Tomorrow’ will be separate non – profit venture.

Gujarat Ranked Top In Investment Proposal

Gujarat topped the list of most preferred business destination in India in year 2011. According to  associated chambers of commerce & industry of India report, released on 13 Feb 2012 Gujarat at the end of 2012 got the total investment proposal worth of Rs. 16.28lakh crore. Gujarat recorded 13.52% stake in the total line investment proposals worth Rs.1.20.34 lakh crore in the country in the yr 2011.

High Level IT Security Policy In A.P

A high level IT security policy had been proposed for the Government of Andhra pradesh . A committee had been formed to formulate the policy with members from the formationTechnology   and communications department, Nasscom, National Informatics centre; Data centre Operator, The operator of the state data centre, and Wipro and Security specialists from Cyber security works. This draft will be made available by March 10 2012 and circulated to all stake holders. This decision was taken at a high level committee meeting for reviewing the issue of hacking of Government websites at  the A.P State Data Centre recently

A.P Village Girl In World Cup Team

International Kabaddi player, R.Nagalakshmi who hails from the remote Inkollu village in prakasam district, will hog the lime might in the women’s world cup to be held in Patna in March.

LPG Terminal Soon In Ennore

The LPG terminal project of Indian oil Petronas Pvt Ltd in Ennore, about 30km from Chennai, will be completed in all respects by the first week of next month to receive the first consignment. Apart from  the imbalance in LPG demand supply in T.M, the terminal would cater to industrial consumers and  also help the company foray into auto LPG dispensing.

Tirumala Museum To Showcase Lord Venkateswara’s Jewels

The Tirumala thirupathi Davasthanams TDD is exploring the possibility of putting the precious  ornaments of Lord Venkateswara’s on display at the .

UP Elections In Seven Phases

The Legislative Assembly elections were held in Uttarpradesh  in seven phases for 403 seats. The first phase polling was  held on 8 Feb for 55 seats. The second phase polling was held on 11Feb for 56 seats. The third phase polling was held on 15 Feb for 56 seats . The fourth phase was held  on 19 for 56 seats . The fifth phase was held on 23 for 49 seats  .The sixth phase was held on 28 for 68 seats and last phase will be held on3 march 2012. and the results will be announced on 6 March 2012.

A.P State Budget For Yr 2012-13

Andhra Pradesh Finance minister A. Ramanarayan Reddy had presented Rs, 1.45Lakh crore budget for the financial year 2012-13 in the assembly on 16 Feb 2012.The Government estimates a revenue surplus of Rs. 4,444crorre the fiscal deficit of Rs. 20,000 crore, the latter at 2.5 % GSDP .The overall state debt is likely to go up to Rs. 1,60 191crore for 2012-13 against Rs 1,39,668 crore for 2011-12. And category wise distribution of the fund as follows .

Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu  – 150 crore , Indira Jala Prad – 18,000crore , Electricity – 5,937crore, Housing – 2,302crore, Interest to farmer & women – 1,075crore, IT Sector – 150crore, Sports – 120crore, Transportation – 5,302crore,Home – -4,832crore ,RTC – 5,032crore,CM Fund- 600crore, Education -15,132crore,Irrigation – 15,010crore , Agriculture- 3,175.


National Conference On Governance

The national conference on Governance’ was held on 29 Jan  2012 at the NCUI auditorium in New Delhi, organized by the Foundation for peace, Harmony &Good Governance in association with global steel.

IACTS 58th Conference

The 58th annual meeting of the Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons (IACTS) was held from 8 to 12 Feb 2012 in Kolkata had focused on rising incidence of heart diseases and  remedies. The four day meet of the cardiac surgeons would be synchronized by the joint workshop with the European Association for cardiac thoracic surgery. For the first time in India, the original research work on genetics causes of heart diseases and diabetic will be presented. And  also the first even demonstration of the recent version of the Artificial Heart ‘Heartmate II’.

International Diamond Conference

The 10th International Kimberlite conference meeting was held from 6 to 11 Feb 2012 at Bangalore(GSI). It is the first time to conduct the conference in India .

15th National Conference On e- Governance In Odisha

The 15th National conference on e-Governance conference had been inaugurated by the chief minister M.Naveen Patnaik on 8 Feb 2012 which will be held for two days. The conference aims at providing a platform for effective interaction of policy makers, practitioners and industry leaders to deliberate and identify priorities and recommend strategy for good governance.

Luminescence Conference

The 4th “International Conference on Luminescence and its Application’s” (ICLA) 2012 conference had been organized by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies on 8 Feb2012 in Hyderabad. About 350 delegates from all over the country are participating to present their latest findings and discuss several crucial issues.

Global Company Meets In Delhi

The top corporate, ministry officials of international experts meeting had been held in New Delhi for two days 9,10 Feb 2012.To discus the issues related to responsibilities of company boards, stake holders expectations concern about corruption from all sectors of society etc.

The 12th India – EU Summit

The 12th India – EU summit was held in New Delhi on 10 Feb 2012. EU was represented by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, and Mr. Jose Manver Durau Barrow, president of   European commission.

India, Asean Summit For 2-Days

The Association of South East Nations (Asean ) summit had held in New Delhi on 12 Feb 2012 with the theme of India and Asean partners for peace, progress and stability. The two days conference will also mark two decades of India-Asean cooperation and also to look areas where the relationship can be further consolidated.

The 44th Session Of Indian Labour Conference

The 44Th session of Indian Labour conference was held on 14 and 15 Feb 2012, under the chairmanship of Shri Mallikajun Kharge, Union minister of Labour and Employment. The conference was inaugurated by P.M Manmohan singh on 14 Feb in New Delhi . The conference was attended by senior representatives of workers & employers. Organisation and state labour ministers and senior officers from central ministers, departments and state government. The conference was deliberated upon very critical issues of minimum wages, social security and employability and employment.

9th Three -Day International Conference & Exhibition

The 9th three day International conference & exhibition was hosted by the society of Petroleum Geophysicists (SPG),which was inaugurated on 16 feb 2012 in Hyderabad, to discus the major challenges that the oil and gas sectors facing .


Nayudamma Award For NASSCOM  Chief

National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSOM) chairman & NIIT group co-  founder Rajendra Singh Pawar had been awarded with Dr.Y.Nayudamma Memorial Award 2011 in recognition of his outstanding performance to the Indian information technology.

Typing A To Z in 3.43 Seconds

A B.Tech. student Mohammed Khurheed Hussain, typed the entire English alphabet in 3.43 seconds along with spaces after each letter, he succeeded in typing the 50 characters in a record time of 3.43 seconds, to break the existing record of 3.52 seconds set by Sridhar Raju for ‘ The fastest time to type the alphabet’ and break the Guinness book of world record.

National Integration Award For Razzak

The all Indian National Integration Award had been presented to Abdul Razzak by the Tazeen ulema-e-haq. This award had given to persons who strove hard for communal harmony and for spreading the spirit of national integration.

Professor Chosen As UNESCO Chair

Professor. Vinod Pavarala Dean, Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communication, University of Hyderabad had been chosen to be the first ever UNESCO Chair on community media. The chair being set up at the university for the period of four years.  The prestigious chair, which is the first of its kind anywhere in the world comes in recongnition of Prof, Pavarala’s work in the last decade on community  radio, his research & writing, the struggle for community radio in India.

World Record Heart Surgery On 17-HR-Old Baby

A tiny figure from UK is recovering in hospital after becoming the youngest person to had open heart surgery. She was just 17 and half hours old when  they operated her.

Three IIT Scientists With Scopus Award

Three IIT scientist are among the eight young scientist who had won the prestigious Scopus award from the Nation Academy of Science and Elsevier. Sanjib senapathi from – IIT Madras. Sagnik Dey from IIT – Delhi. Satyajit Banerjee from IIT Kanpur.

Djokovic:’ Sportman Of The Year’ 2012

The tennis world no.1 Novack Djokovic had been awarded with the ‘Sportman of the year award’ at the ceremony in London on 6 Feb for the year 2012.He was the fifth man to become to win three grand slam title in a row. Djo kovik had won the top individual prize at 2012 Laureus sports Awards.

FC Barcelona Chosen ‘Team Of The Year’ 2012

Barcelona footbal team had been recognised as the best team after its grand winning of the Spanish  League and champion League. And it had captured the team Trophy at the 2012 Laureus Sports  Awards held at London.

Sportswomen Of The Year’ 2012  Vivan Cheruiyot

The Kenyan distance runner, Vivian Cheruiyot who had won the 5,00 and 10,000 titles at the world championships last year was awarded with ‘sportswomen of the year award’ for the year 2012

Scot Sisters Named Oldest Living Twins

Guinness World Records had recognised 102yrs old Scottish sisters as the world’s oldest living twins. Edith Ritchie and Evelyn Evie Middleton, Who hail from Aberdeenshine were born in 1909 neither of them had ever travelled outside of the UK.

Rajesh Roshan Honoured With Lata Manageshkar Award

The great Hindi film music composer Rajesh Roshan was honoured with the Lata Manageshkar award   by the M.P.Government on 8 Feb 2012 for the year 2011.

World’s Shortest Man

The 72 yrs old Nepali Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who is just 22 inches had been awarded as the World’s  shortest man and weighs just 12kilos. He would also be the world’s shortest human adult to be alive. Guinness world records experts had confirmed it and they are to travel to Dangi’s village.

54th Annual Grammy Awards

The 54th Annual Grammy  A wards were held on 12 Feb 2012 at the Staple center in Los Angeles. The British female singer, Adele won six golden gramophones for her Album, 21. The other winners  are -Album of the year 22-Adele; Record of the year, Rolling in deep by Adele; song of the year; Adele; Best new artist; Bon Iver

British Academy Film Awards

The 65th Annual British Academy film awards, was held at the Royal Opera House in London on 12 Feb 2012.Black & White silent movie, The artist won six awards, including best film, best actor and  best director. Best actress was awarded to Meryl Streep for her amazing acting as former British Prime    minister, Margaret Thacher in the Iron Lady.Some of the other winners are best picture

Writer Ramdarash Mishra Selected For Vyas Samman

A noted Hindi writer Prof. Ramdarash Mishra was selected for the 21st Vyas Samman for his poetry  collection Aam Ke Patte published in 2004.

Prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award For A.P Teacher

A retired teacher from Adilabad district in Andhra Pradesh Mr.Samala Sadasiva had awarded with the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in NewDelhi on 14 Feb 2012, as he considered a pioneer in literature, music and philosophy. he got this award for his book “Swaralayalu” on Hindustan music.

Jindal Prize For Kalam & Hedge

The former president A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, and former Lokayukta of Karnataka Justice N.Santosh     Hedge, had been selected for the S.R, Jindal prize for their contribution in their fields. Mr. Kalam got the award for his contribution in science and technology. Mr. Hedge for his exemplary service in social development.

US Humanities Medal For Amartya Sen

India’s Nobel prize winning economist Amartya Sen was honoured with the prestigious US National Medal of Arts & Humanities award by U.S President Barrack  Obama on 14 Feb 2012, for his efforts to increase the understandings of fighting hunger and poverty.At the glittering white house function.

Highest Serbia Award For Djokovic

World’s no-1 Tennis star Novack Djokovic of Serbia was awarded with the highest serbian award,’Gold Star Of Karadjordje’ on 15 Feb 2012 it was conffered upon him by the Serbian President Mr.Boris Attic

IOC Award For Manisha

Manisha Malhotra, a former Indian tennis player and Bussan Asian Games silver medalist on 16 Feb 2012 was chosen as winner of the IOC Women and Sports Awards World Trophy by the International Olympic Committee for promoting women in sports.

100 yrs Old Frenchman Sets Cycling Record

Frenchman Robert Marchand had entered The  Cycling Record  Books in the one-hour event . three months after celebrating his 100th birthday Marchand rode 24.251km around an indoor track to  establish the first ever hour performance in the 100yrs-plus category.

5 Oscar Awards For Film ” The Artist “

The 84th Academy Awards Ceremony/ Oscars was hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and  Science ( AMPAS). The ceremony which took place at the Hollywood Highland center in Hollywood, California on 26 Feb 2012 honoured the best film and  performances of 2011. The ceremony was hosted by Billy Cristal who hosted this ceremony for the ninth time.

Best Motion Picture: The Artist,

Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist

Best Actor : Jean Dujardin, The Artist

Foreign Language Film : A separation

Original Screenplay:  Woody Allen

Best Actress : Meryl Streep, Iron Lady

Adapted screenplay: Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and JimRash

Best Supporting Actor :Christopher Plummer, Beginners,

Cinematography : Hugo.

Art direction:  Hugo

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help .

Original Score: The Artist.

Visual Effects:    Hugo

Film Editing: The girl with the dragon tattoo.

Sound mixing:Hugo.

Sound  Editing: Hugo.

Costume Design:The Artist

Original Song: Man or Muppet, from Muppets.

Make Up: The Iron Lady .

Live Action Short   Film:The Shore

Animated Feature Film: Rango.

Animated Short: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris   Lessmore.

Documentary Features: Undefeated.

Documentary Short: Saving Face.

M.P,Sikkim Gets Tourism Awards

The National Tourism Awards ceremony was inaugurated by the President Pratibha Patil in Newdelhi on 29 Feb 2012. Madhya pradesh state got  best state for tourism infrastructure and best tourism film. Sikkim got the award for tourism infrastructure in the Northeast and best state for clean India  campaign.

Driverless Automated Train In  Dubai

The Dubai Metro had made its to be the Guinness Book Of World Records, as the longest driverless metro network in the world, spanning 74.695km, officials announced on 21 Feb 2012.

Toilet Revolution Award For M.P Woman

Madhya Pradesh woman named Anitha Narre was awarded for leading ‘Toilet revolution’ on 16 Feb 2012 by the Sulab Sanitation , with cash worth of 5 Lakh. An Indian woman had been rewarded for her bold decision to leave her marital home within days of her wedding to protest the lack of toilets in the household.


Ajay Mittal & Shreya’s Double Grab Gold In Short Gun

Ajay Mittal and Shreya Singh created a new national record won gold medal in women’s double trap with a 12 points margin over Seema Tomer in the 55 th national short gun championship at the Kavni singh shooting range Tuglakabad on Feb 1 2012 .

India won team Crown Golf Championship At Dhaka

India’s Manav Das and Khalin Joshi had won the ‘Team Title Of Bangladesh Open Ameteur Golf Championships’ held at Kurmitola Golf club in Dhaka against Bangladesh team Sajib Ali and Dulal Hassain.

Egypt Defeated India 2-1 In 21 Squash World Cup

Egypt defeated India by 2-1 in the final of the SDAT-WSR under-21 Squash World Cup on 5 Feb   2012. Even after Ravi Dixit’s and Dipika Paliki fought hard to bring India back in contention but at last India lost the cup.

National Snooker Champ Mehta

Aditya Mehta had won the National Snooker Championship title held in Pune by defeating Kamal Chawla.

Stanlley Is Champion In Phoenix Open Golf

Kyle Stanley bounced back from a bitter defeat to won the Phoenix Open Golf Champion in  Scottsdade, USA

Pakistan Win’s The Test Series Against England

Pakistan had won the test match series against England by 3-0 on 6 Feb 2012held at Dubai.

Sania Won’s Women’s Tennis Title

Sania Mirza of India and Anastasia Rodinova of Australia won the Pattaya Open Women’s tennis title held in Pattaya on 12 Feb 2012

Indian Archers Won 3 Gold Medals

India had ended their campaign on a high in the individual sector of Asian Grand Prix Archery in Bangkok on 18 Feb 2012 by winning 3 gold, 3 silver, 1bronze medal. The Indian mixed recure team of  Jayanta Talukdar and L.Bombayla Devi took gold beating the Japanese team in the final. Rajat  Chauhan and Jhano Hanshad combined well to give India the mixed compound team gold by beating the Myanmar.

Russia‘s Isinbayeva’s New Olympic Record

Russia’s Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva set a new indoor pole vault world record on 23 Feb  2012 with clearance of 5.01m. Isinbayeva’s latest world record comes just over two weeks out from the world indoor championships in Istanbul at 4.92m.

Ranwanska Won  Eighth Career Title

Poland’s Agniezka Radwanska had won the Women Single’s Dubai Tennis Championship held in Dubai on 25 Feb 2012 , beating Germany’s Julia Goerges and becoming world’s top five for the time .

Indian Hockey Team Qualified For London Olympic

Indian hockey team was qualified for the 2012 London Olympics beating France by 8-1 in the final match for qualifing tournament in NewDelhi on 26 Feb 2012.

The world no-5 David Ferrer claimed his 13th carrier title by winning the Buenos Aires Open title on 26 Feb 2012.

The world’s no-5 tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina had won Marseille open title final  by defeating Michael Liodra on 26 Feb 2012.


Per Capita Income Has Raised

The per capital income in India has been raised up by 15.6% according to central statistical office at  the current prices during 2011-12 is estimated to be 60,972/-.The per capita income at current prices is estimated at Rs. 53,331/-in 2010-11, as against Rs. 46,117/- for the previous year 2010.

EU Carbon: Over-Flight Charges  For India, Russia & China

India, Russia and China may consider imposing over-flight charges on European airlines, if the    European Union Continues with its plans of imposing a carbon tax on International airlines. The tax came into force from 1 January 2012.There is growing acceptance between various countries, including the US and Brazil, on imposing some restrictions on the EU if they continue with their plans  to impose the tax.

Food Grains  Output To Hit Record High

India’s food grains productions expected to reach Record High in second successive year in 2011-2012, and aided by the above normal monsoon & improved productivity in eastern states of Bihar and Jharkhand. According to the Government estimates, output of food grains to touch 250.42million tonnes as against the previous year’s harvest of 244.78million tonnes. The cotton output to be at a record high of 34milllion bales of 170kg each as against previous year’s 3million bales.The rice output   to be beat more at 102.75million tonnes, over last year’s 95.98million tonnes. The wheat output  is  higher at 88.3million tonnes, over last year’s 86.87million tonnes. Where as the pulses, oil seeds and  coarse cereals are projected to dip. The production of pulses dip by 5.26%,17.28million tonnes over last year’s 18.24million tonnes. Output of turdal and red gram is lower at 2.72million tonnes last year’s 2.86million tonnes. The oil seeds dip by 30.58million tonnes against 32.48million tonnes in the previous year’s.

GDP Growth To Hit Low Of 6.9%

India’s economy is expected to grow low by 6.9% in 2011-12, the slowest pace of expansion in three   years, dragged down by sluggish industrial growth and decline in the mining sector. According to central statistics office showed growth in 2011-12 is estimated below by 7% to 7.5%.The Indian economy, Asia’s third largest, had been hit by stubbornly high inflation, high interest rates, and a slowing global economy which emerged in last year.

Set Up Of National Centre For Cold Chain Development

The Government of India, on 9 Feb 2012 approved setting up of a National centre for cold chain      development, NCCD, as a society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and allocation of one time  grant of Rs. 25crore as corpus fund had been released. The NCCD will be having a governing council  under the chairmanship of secretary with 22 members, covering Government officials, confederation of Indian Industry, federation of Indian Chambers of commerce & industries,  FICCI and other stake holders. The move comes in the wake of post harvest losses to the tune of 50000crore rupees annually in absence of proper storage facilities.

RBI Changed The Bank Rate To Rebuild It With (MSF) Rate

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 13 Feb 2012 changed the bank rate, a medium term signal rate after 9 yrs. The bank rate, a benchmark rate nine which RBI buys or re-discounts bills of exchange or other commercial papers eligible for purchase, was hiked with immediate effect to 9.5% from 6%. The rate was raised with the objective to realign it with the marginal standing facility MSF rate as a one-time technical adjustment to link it with the main policy repo rate

RBI Issued Circular For Development Of  WLA’s

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 14 Feb 2012 issued the draft circular for development of White        Label Automated Teller Machine (WLA’s) from non-banks entities. The central bank also announced  its plans. The central bank’s issuance of the draft reflected the bank’s intention to accelerate the growth and penetration of ATM’s in the country. ATM’s rolled out by non-bank will provide ATM service to  consumers of all banks. WLA means ATM owned, run and maintained by third parties on a contract  basis from financial institutions.

Mumbai World’s Second Least Expensive City

A global survey had named two Indian cities the financial hub Mumbai and the national capital –         New Delhi, among the four least expensive places across the world. As per the worldwide cost of living survey by economist Intelligence Unit ( EIU) Mumbai is the second least expensive city globally, while New Delhi is ranked fourth. Karachi in Pakistan has been named as the cheapest destination globally,which Zurich in Switzerland is the most expensive place across the world.

PM’s Economic advisory Panel Projected 7.5% To 8% Growth Rate

The Prime Minister’s economic advisory panel projected 7.5% to 8% growth rate for the next fiscal 2012-13 and the country is also expected to achieve a higher economic expansion if the global       environment turns favorable. While releasing the review of economy 2011-12 that the growth rate in 2011-12 is likely to be 7.1%, marginally higher than 6.9%. projected by the central statistical organisation (CSO).

RBI To Issue 5Rs Coin In Bhagat Singhs Name

The Reserve Bank of India’s RBI had made an announcement to bring out 5Rs coin devoted to the legendary Martyr. A photograph of Bhagat singh  and the words-Shaheed Bhagat singh birth centenary  1907-2007 will be inscribed on one side of the coin.The two horizontal lined on capital of Ashoka   pillars and the value of denomination will be displayed. Figures 1907-2007 will be printed below the picture and the coin is made of iron and chromium will be of a 2.3mm diameter.

First Nationwide Annual India Consumer Price Index Released

As per the first Nationwide retail inflation data was released by the centre of Statistical Office on 21 Feb 2012, inflation based on the all India consumer price index stood at 7.65% in Jan 2012. The annual consumer price index CPI data released for the first time measured prices in major food groups, fuel, clothing , housing and education across the rural and urban India . Overall retail inflation in rural and urban areas stood at 7.38%.Consumer price inflation for rural India was recorded at 7.38%, for urban India stood at 8.25%.


L G & Milagrow Enter Into Home Cleaning Robot

The two companies announced the launch of their domestic robotic cleaners. Signalling the creation  of a new product  ‘ niche ‘ within the vacuum cleaner segment .LG, the launch of its comb-out prized  Rs. 43,990.

US Engineers New Self-Guided Bullet

US Sandier National Laboratories Engineers had invented a bullet that directs itself to a target like guided missile and can hit a target more than 1.6km away, it can move up to thirty corrections per seconds while in the air. The bullet can twist and turns to guide itself toward a laser-directed point.

Drought-Hit Mars Too Dry For Life

British scientists had concluded that Mars is too dry, a planet to host any form of life. An analysis of  soil, collected during the year 2008 NASA Phoenix Mission to Mars, by Imperial college London had  revealed that the red planet had experienced a  super drought 600millions years ago. The scientists had decided that there had been water present during a warmer period lasting up to 5,000 years in past, but  this would been too little time for life to establish itself on the surface.

Two New Planets Found

Researchers had discovered a new planet some 22 light years from the Earth is the most likely to hold  water &possibly host life. It receives about 90% of the light that the Earth receives from the Sun the  new two planets named Kepler 34, and Kepler 35 each of which circling around its own double Sun  together with Kepler 16.

“World’s Highest Resolution” Lunar Images

China’s state administration of science, technology and industry for national defense on 6 Feb 2012,  released a set of “World’s Highest Resolution” lunar images taken by its second moon orbiter,  Chang’e-2, and at it braces to launch its next missile to land a rover to explore its surface.

Google Launch Camera Equipped Glasses

Google is going to launch a hi-tech glasses with in-built computer displays. Speculation is rife that developed at Google’s secret Google X lab. The glasses will be armer with cameras, an android  operating system and could be on sale soon.

New Super continent In Arctic

Geologists at the Yale University in the US predicted that in the coming 50 to 200million years, Australia may merge with India while all the countries may collide each other to form one massive supercontinent.The Americas and Asia will drift Northward, closing off the Arctic and Caribbean  Oceans to merge around the North pole and form a super continent called Amesia.

Life Originated On Land Not In Oceans

Anew study claimed that the theory proposed by Charles Darwin on life’s origin was correct. Drawin proposed that the life originated on land in a pound and not in the oceans. The study held by the researchers at the Osnabruck university in Germany found that the first primitive cells might have  originated in pools of condensed vapour. This was caused by underground hot water. The scientist  discovered that the oceans did not contain the best balance of ingredients to support life on Earth.

NASA Discovered Water On The Planet Called GJ1214b

Researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics discovered that the planet GJ1214b  was largely covered in water . They used Hubble space telescope to discover the water  on planet.   GJ1214b was discovered in 2009 by the ground based MEarth. It is approximately 2.7 times, Earth diameter and weighs almost 7 times as much as Earth. The presence of water on the planet was confirmed when it crossed in front of its host star. The light of the star glittered through the planets atmosphere, provided clues to the mix of gasses, supporting the water vapour theory.

Tiny Lizard Called Brookesia Mirca Found

In Madagascas, one of the world’s tinest Lizards called Brookesia Mirca was found by German         researchers on 14 Feb 2012 It reaches a maximum length of 29mm. The researchers also found three new species in the North of the Island, during daytime, the lizards mostly live in the leaf litter in the day and at night climb up. The lizards were limited to very small ranges and they are at risk from  habitat disturbance.

Indian Black Eagle Was Spotted After 90 yrs

The Indian Black Eagle was spotted in the Aravali Biodiversity Park after a gap of 90 yrs The bird was last seen in 1920-21 by Basin Edwardes.

Space Bug – A New Source Of Power

Scientists have discovered a type of space bacteria in British river which they could be used as a new    power source for the world. The Bacillus Strato sphericus, usually found more than 20 miles above the  Earth, were spotted in the mouth of the river Wear in Sunderland. It is believed that the bugs may had been brought to the surface by atmospheric cycling, which causes evaporated water to rise into the stratosphere and then fall again.The organism is a particularly potent form of bacteria which can be used in a microbial fuel cell to convert river waste into power and clean water.

China Launches 11th Satellite To Bolster GPS system

China had successfully launched a satellite into space to bolster its indigenous global navigation and positioning network known as Beidou. The satellite, launched from the Xichang satellite launch centerin the southwestern Sichaun province,was boosted by a long march 3’c carrier rocket into a geosynchronous orbit. It is China’s 11th homemade navigation satellite.

Arctic Sea Ice Decline Linked To Snowy Winter

Further evidence had found of a relationship between melting Arctic sea ice and wide spread cold outbreaks in the Northern hemisphere could be used to improve seasonal forecasting of snow and temperature anomalies.


a) Appiontments

AP Dr.For Royal College Of Surgeons Of Edinburgh

Dr.P.Raghuram had been appointed as the Honarary Secretary for the Royal Collage of Surgeons of Edinburgh from Andhrapradesh .

New President For Maldives

Mohammed Waheed Hassan had been appointed as the new president of Maldives.

Abd- Rabbu Monsour Hadi had been appionted as the new president of Yemem on 25 Feb 2012.

b) Resigns

President of Maldives;Resigns

President of Maldives Mr.Mohamed Nasheed had resigned on 7 Feb 2012 against weeks of protest which was against his decision he had accused of favouring oppositions.

Kuldip Nayar Quits Symbiosis

The veteran journalist and former Member of Parliament Kuldip Nayar had resigned as professor emeritus at the symbiosis institute of media and communication.

World Bank Chief to Step down

World bank President Robert Zoellick had announced to step down from his position as his five years term closes by June this year.

German President Quits

German’s President Christian Wulff resigned on 16 Feb 2012 in a scandal over favors he allegedly  received before becoming head of state.

Space Scientist Narasimha Quits ISRO

The top aerospace scientist Prof Roddan Narasimha, who was a member of the B.C Chathurvedi committee probing Antrix- Devas deal, had quitted from the space commission to protest against blacklisting of scientists, including former ISRO chief G.Madhavan nair.

James Murdoch Quits News International

James murdoch had resigned as executive chairman of News International, publisher of the times due to allegations that he attempted to cover up the scandal.

c) Deaths

Pop Music Legend Whitney Houston Passes Away

Whitney Houston, who was pop music queen with her majestic voice and had won six Grammy  awards in her glittery career had died on 11Feb 2012 in Los Angeles.

Akhlaq Mohammad Khan Urdu Poet Passes Away

A renowed urdu poet Akhlaq Mohammad Khan passes away in Aligarh on 13 Feb 2012 .He had received the Jnanpith award for the year 2008.

Anthony Shahid – Newyork Times Passes Away

Anthony Shahid Newyork time’s foreign correspondent and two time Pulitzer prize winner died in Eastern Syria on 16 Feb 2012, after suffered from severe asthma attack. He had covered nearly two decades of middle east conflict and turmoil.

A Diplomat M.A.Vellodi Passes Away

M.A.Vellodi, who was an Indian foreign service officer witnessed up-close several momentous eventsin the 1960s and 1970s, died on 16 Feb 2012 in Chennai.

Football Legend Manna Passes Away

Indian football former player who played bare footed, Sailendranath Manna. India’s first internationaloutgoing player at the London Olympics in 1948, had died on 27 Feb 2012 in Kolkata.

Nair Service Society Chief Passes Away

P.K.Narayana Panicker, president of the Nair Service Society died on 29 Feb 2012 in Kerala.

d) Visitors

The Prime minister of Mauritius  Mr.Navinchandra Ramloolam  had visited India on 7 Feb 2012 for his six days visit to sign slew agreements and for to provide frame work for cooperation.

Defense Minister Antony To Visit Saudi

In the first ever visit by an Indian defense ministry to Saudi Arabia, defense minister A.K.Antony  had visited on 13 Feb 2012 to discus on bilateral military ties in areas ranging from training to jointexercises.

e) Miscellaneous

Face Book To Complete 8 yrs

Face Book a social utility net working had completed its 8 yrs journey, which had almost 84.5crore people as members in facebook.

Indian-American Appears On Time Cover

An eminent Indian-American Preet Bharara had made to be the cover of the prestigious Time magazine  for his crusade against wall street corruption and irregularities including inside trading.”This man is busting wall street” Bharara’s picture appeared in the latest edition of Time magazine.


The world’s Tallest communications tower and 2nd largest highest building 6343m, had been completed on 29 Feb 2012 , and named as Tokyo sky Tree in Tokyo of Japan.

6.8  Magnitude Earthquake In Philippine

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the central Philippines on 6 Feb 2012, killing 44 people and causing widespread panic. The powerful earthquake hit in a narrow strait between the heavily populated island provinces of Negros and Cebu, causing severe damage to property  and lives.


S A S T I N D – State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry For National Defense

NCLP– National Child Labour Project.

NADAP – The National Anti Doping Appeal Panel.


Official Release Of Bangladesh Writer’s Book Release Was Cancelled

The Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen’s book releasing was cancelled at the 36 th Kolkata International Book Fair  on Feb 1 2012 . There had been a controversy about the promotion of the  book, regarding the release of the seventh volume of her autobiographical series ( NIRBASAN ) exile . The Amar Ekushey Book Fair had launched the 7th volume of Taslima Nasreen’s autobiographical series Nirbasan (Exile) on 2 Feb 2012 in Dhaka where as  the release of this book was banned by the West Bengal recently.

Anisul Hoque’s Book On Bangladesh War Launched

Bangladesh High Commissioner T.Ahmad Karim & Dr.Karan Singh released Dhaka-based author  Anisul Hoque’s latest book,Freedom’s Mother in NewDelhi on 4 Feb 2012

Fidel Castro’s “Time Guerrilla” Book Released

Cuban leader  85yrs old, Fidel Castro released his two volumes of his memoir entitled “Time Guerrilla” in ceremony. The memoir’s trace his life from infancy until 1958 when he was Cuban  leader   in 2006.

Pakistani Writers Book Released In Hyderabad

“Fatwar on Terrorism ” A book by Pakistan writer Muhammad Tahir ul Qudri, was launched in Hyderabad on 27 Feb 2012 by the former gudge.


April 5 – National Maritime Day

April 7 – World Health Day

April 17 – World Hemophilia Day

April 18 – World Heritage Day

April 22 – Earth Day

April 23 – World Books & Copyright Day

April 25- World Malaria Day.

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