1. Who has been awarded the first N.R.Chandur Award ?


2. Name the Cheif minister who had been awarded the great innovation award ?


3. The Mallikarjun Mansur award which was instituted by Karnataka government on 3rd Jan 2012 ?


4. Who is the badminton coach who had been awarded  Padma shri from Andhrapradesh ?


5. Who is the criket player who has been honoured with Australian's highest civil honour ?


6. Which state had won the clean development mechanism project award got reducing emission?


7. Who had won the prestegious International sports association 'Flair play award recently ?


8. The Indian American scientist Venkataraman Ramakrishnan is selected for which award from Britain ?


9. On which date Mr.T. K.Nair who is the pm Manmohansingh advisor was awarded Guljarilal Nanda award ?


10. Who has been honoured the Indian prestegious Bharat Ratna award for the year 2012 ?


11. Ashik kumar the first Indian who won bronge medal in (CWG) 2010 got how many gold medals in the south central asian gymnastitics championship recently ?


12. Jawhar sircar who had done piloting museum reforms in the country had been awarded with which prestigious recently ?


13. The awards for Infosis -2011 was presented on which date recently ?


14. Who had won the best steel company award for the year 2009-2011 ?


15. Who had won the prestigious CNR award for the year 2011 ?


16. For which song composing A.R.Rahaman had got the prestegious award 'critic choice' award ?


17. Which award has been presented to the Bollywood music director Rakesh Roshan recently ?


18. Who has been presented the Ashok chakra for 2012 ?


19. Who had been awarded the prestegious Padma bhusan in our AP state for 2012 ?


20. Adhijeet Buruah who created a new world record by running barefoot 150 km belongs to which state ?


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