1. The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2015 was awarded to?


2. For its initiative and achievements in the field of environment, the Union Minister of study for Environment, Prakash Javadekar recently presented the Golden Peacock environment management award to Krishnapatnam Port situated in the Indian State of ____?


3. M.S. Vishwanathan, who recently died at the age of 88 was well known ______?


4. FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 was won by____?


5. An ancient Buddhist garden dating back to over 1,200 years to the period of the Tang Dynasty (618AD - 907 AD) has recently (July, 2015) been discovered in?


6. The objective of the recently launched Pradhan Mantri Micro Units Development Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Yojana is to encourage especial ly _?


7. The first Indian bank to provide Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) facility on purchases made on its debit cards is ____?


8. India has recently (June, 2015) signed a historic land boundaries agreement with ___?


9. The articles determining each country's share and lender's initial capital in respect of the USD 100 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIS) was signed recently by as many as____?


10. As per the current provisions of the Coinage Act, 2011 coins can be issued by RBI in India up to the denomination of ____?


11. The 5-nation BRICS has recently signed as agreement to create a USD 100 billion pool of foreign exchange reserves to help each other in case of any problems with dollar liquidity. India's contribution to the pool is?


12. The Nashik Trimabakeshwar Samhastha Kumbi Mela was recently held on the banks of the river___?


13. Shri Pranab Mukherjeee, President of India, recently received first copy of the book titled 'Uniki' at Hyderabad'. The book is written by___?


14. Which of the following persons has been named as the first Chairman of the upcoming Kolkatabased Bandhan Bank?


15. Which of the following currency has now becomes the world's second most currency in trade finance?


16. The first Chief Minister of the newly formed State of Telangana is ____?


17. The RBI has recently set up a committee headed by Shri Deepak Mohanty. The objective of the committee is to work out a medium-level (five year) measurable action plan for ____?


18. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)'s World Investment Report 2015, the largest recipient of Foreign direct Investment (FDI) in 2014 was?


19. Who amongst the following has recently been chosen to receive Philadelphia's Liberty Medal 2015 for human rights work?


20. India has recently signed an agreement for supply of Uranium for the next five years with which of the following countries ?


21. Which country lifted the ban on the export of crude oil after 40 years?


22. Ruling conservative People’s Party (PP) led Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has won the 2015 general election of which country?


23. Which became the first Asian country to approve the sale of the world’s first ever dengue vaccine Dengvaxia in the country?


24. Union Cabinet approved India joining the International Energy Agency Ocean Energy Systems. Who is the chairman of this cabinet?


25. Which of the following countries has been declared as “Ebola outbreak free” recently by WHO?


26. India and Russia decided to construct how many atomic plants in India?


27. Which country’s company has signed one billion US dollar deal with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to manufacture 200 Kamov 226T light helicopters?


28. The India-Iran Joint Commission Meeting was cochaired by which minister from India?


29. Union Cabinet has approved signing of Memorandum of Association with which country in the field of Civil Aviation?


30. India has signed agreement with which country that enable people of both nations to avail retirement benefits in each other’s country to boost bilateral business linkages?


31. Recently Narendra Modi has given its ex-post facto approval for cooperation in the field of Health signed by India with which country?


32. Government of India has signed a loan agreement with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for pollution abatement of which river?


33. The 15th edition of bilateral exercise between India and Japan titled “Sahyog-Kaijin 2016” has hosted by which Indian state?


34. The National Waterways Bill, 2015 aims at declaring how many inland waterways as National Water ways?


35. Which company tops the list of Fortune 500 Indian companies 2015?


36. According to the 2011 census,which of the following community has the lowest sex ratio in India?


37. Recently approved Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act, 2015 will amend which of the following act?


38. NHAI signs MoU with which organization for monitoring and managing National Highways?


39. As per the World Development Report released by the World Bank on 14 January 2016, how much money India saved annually by using Aadhaar on account of decreased leakages?


40. Which state government on 21 December launched the Anwesha Scheme to provide free education to SC & ST students?


41. Which state government has approved proposal for formation of five new districts in the state?


42. First MOU on UDAY – Ujjwal Discom Assurance Yojana has beens signed by Government of India with which Indian state?


43. Bull taming sport “Jallikattu” is related to which of the following state?


44. Which state has become the first state in the country to achieve the status of 100% primary education?


45. Which state has been declared as the India’s first fully organic state whose agricultural land was gradually converted to certified organic land?


46. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 103rd Indian Science Congress in which city?


47. Which of the following state host a CII summit on 10 January 2016?


48. Which former Indian Wicket keeper nominated for the 2015 CK Naidu Lifetime Achievement Award?


49. BCCI Cricketer of the Year title conferred upon which of the following?


50. Col. C.K. Nayudu Lifetime Achievement award for 2015 has been conferred upon which of the following?


51. Which of the following has been honoured with Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for his influential work on prevention & treatment of cancer?


52. Who of the following has been selected for Kerala Tourism’s Nishagandhi Puraskaram 2016?


53. Which of the following projects has won the 2015 eASIA Award?


54. Which of the following has been conferred with “Best Actress in a Miniseries” during 73rd Golden Globe Awards 2016?


55. Which of the following has been conferred with National Award on e-Governance 2015-16 for launching the Universal Account Number (UAN)?


56. “Times Now” Amazing Indians Awards 2016 for “Stree Shakthi” has been conferred upon which of the following?


57. Which of the following film got maximum oscar nominations in 2016?


58. Which famous person owned the franchise of Chennaiyin FC, winner of Indian Super League foot ball tournament 2015?


59. Who is the winner of 2015 Club World Cup Football Tournament?


60. 2015 SAFF football championship title has been bagged by which of the following?


61. Which of the following has scripted history by becoming the first batsman to score 1,009 runs in an innings in any form of cricket?


62. Who won a WTA Brisbane Women’s double trophy on 9 January 2016?


63. Hopman Cup is associated with which sports?


64. Who among the following International tennis player won Men’s singles event at the Chennai open 2016?


65. Who won the men’s singles event at the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament 2016?


66. Which among the following Badminton players pairs has won 29 titles in a row?


67. Who has become the first Russian to be inducted into International Tennis Hall of Fame?


68. Who won 2016 Sydney International women’s double title?


69. Which team on 17 January 2016 clinched the 2016 Premier Badminton League title?


70. According to Harvard researchers at Centre for International Development (CID), which country has the potential to be the world’s fastest growing economy over 10 years?


71. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has been officially launched in ___?


72. According to a report by the UK think tanks Center for Economics Business and Research (CEBR), Which country could become the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2030?


73. National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) has been set up by the government with an amount of ___?


74. Which company set up Rs. 5,000-crore naval shipbuilding unit near Vizag?


75. Which of the following bank has launched a dedicated branch for start-ups in Bengaluru?


76. Which country has successfully launched its first geosynchronous observation satellite Gaofen-4?


77. Which of the following domains has become the world’s most commonly used domain in the internet?


78. What is the maximum operational range of Anti tank missile “Nag”?


79. Who is the new deputy chief of Air Staff of IAF?


80. Who of the following has been appointed as the new CEO of Wipro Limited?


81. Who has been reappointed as RBI deputy governor for 3 more years?


82. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of Competition Commission of India (CCI)?


83. The Bobby Jindal resigns as governor of which state in us?


84. Novelist Peter Dickinson (88) who passed away recently was from which country?


85. Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed dead on 7 January 2016. He belongs to?


86. David Bowie passed away on 11 January 2016. He is a?


87. Identify the veteran BJP leader and former Governor of Sikkim who passed away on 17 January 2016 in Hyderabad?


88. Who visited a Israel and Palestine on 17-18 January 2016?


89. Who has been named as Most Popular Leader in the World?


90. Who inaugurated the 43rd New Delhi world Book Fair on 9 January 2016?


91. Who is the Indian-origin tops in Mensa test in UK held on January 2016?


92. Pranab Mukherjee dedicated the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) situated in __?


93. Where a two day Multi -event Yoga initiative is scheduled to take place from February 19 and 20, 2016?


94. Who unveiled a plaque for the foundation stone of a new helicopter manufacturing unit of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Tumkur district in Karnataka?


95. Where the International short film festival begins on 8 January 2016?


96. The abbreviation LHC stands for?


97. URL stands for ___?


98. What is the full form of W3C?


99. DNS is abbreviation of ___?


100. What is the expansion of the term SIP?


101. Who released the book ‘Sharad Yadav- Sangharsh Ke Senani, Sarvajanik, Rajkiya aur Vyaktigat Jeevan ka Safarnama’ written by Manoj Krishnan on Sharad Yadav?


102. Who released the book Jawaharlal Nehru and the Indian Polity in Perspective on 12 January 2016?


103. Which committee recently submitted its report on Revisiting and Revitalising Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model?


104. Who is a head of revamp censor board panel?


105. Which of the following committees has submitted report to Supreme Court for reforms in BCCI?


106. To accelerate the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Corridor, PMO has constituted which of the following panel?


107. International Customs Day is Observed on ___?


108. National Girl child day is on ___?


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