1. India recently won re-election to UN Human Rights Council for 2015-17 along with which three other countries of Asia-Pacific Group?


2. Who is the present CEO of the Microsoft Corporation, an international American organisation?


3. The committee constituted in India to study the pattern of exclusion in India which for the first time gave a working distribution of the term ‘Financial Inclusion’ was headed by?


4. The Brahmos, a short range supersonic cruise missile, is a joint venture between which foreign country and Indian agency?


5. Government of India recently announced constitution of NITI Aayog as a policy think-tank replacing Planning Commission. NITI stands for?


6. Which country becomes first developed nation to default on International Monetary Fund (IMF) debt?


7. Which of the following countries has announced the state of emergency for 30 days on 4 July 2015?


8. In which country world’s first electronic diamond exchange is to begin in September-2015?


9. Which country was desginated as 16th Major Non-NATO Ally by USA?


10. Which of the following countries expects to become 3rd largest nuclear generating country in the world by 2017?


11. Which of the following countries has entered into an agreement with India to set up a Rs 50-crore fund to support clean energy?


12. As per the latest UN report, what percentage of poverty in India has been eliminated till 2011-12?


13. In which of the following cities has India started a Language Lab at to help the country attain proficiency in English language?


14. With which country India has signed Inter Governmental Agreement to implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) on 9 July 2015?


15. As per the World Bank Group’s report titled ‘The State of Social Safety Nets 2015 , which of the following schemes has been declared as the world’s largest public works programme?


16. Name the online registration system launched by India for foreign employers (FEs) who want to recruit Indian workers?


17. BSNL on 3 July 2015 launched a pre-paid card linked mobile wallet service called?


18. The union government has launched a mobile application “m-asset” to know assets of __?


19. Nationwide mobile number portability (MNP) became operational from?


20. As per the survey by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), what was the literacy rate in rural areas of India for the year 2014 ?


21. Which state government has announced on 2 July 2015 that “Madrasas that do not teach primary subjects such as English, Maths and Science would be derecognized”?


22. In which city the first ‘One Stop Centre (OSC) for Women’ of the Ministry of Women & Child Development was inaugurated on 16 July 2015?


23. In which scam case the Supreme Court on 9 July 2015 ordered CBI probe & issued notice to centre as well as Madhya Pradesh govt?


24. Which of the following State/UT’s has emerged as the first nomination for inclusion in the 100 Smart Cities Mission to be received by the Ministry of Urban Development?


25. According to the data from the first urban Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC), which among the following state in India has highest per cent of urban BPL households?


26. In which city was the Smart Transportation Infra Summit 2015 organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PHDCCI)?


27. Which one of the following has won the ‘Best Welfare Organisation of the Year–2015 award?


28. Which of the following ports has been awarded Golden Peacock environment management award for its achievements and initiatives in the field of environment?


29. Who among the following Indians has been conferred with highest French Civilian Award Commandeur de la Lgiond Honneur (the Legion of Honour)?


30. Who won 2015 World Food Prize?


31. Who among the following was honored with lifetime achievement award in 36th edition of prize American Book Award, 2015?


32. In which country 2016 Olympics will be organised?


33. Which team won Copa America tournament 2015


34. Which state will host the Youth Delphic Games in February 2016?


35. Who amongst the following was named the first most marketable sports person in the world ?


36. Who among the following cyclists has won the 102nd edition Tour de France in Paris on 26 July 2015?


37. Project Tatkal was launched on 3 July 2015 by which bank ?


38. As per the data released by World Bank on 2 July 2015, at the end of which year Indian economy stood at $2.06 trillion?


39. As per World Bank report, what is India’s per capita income in 2014?


40. Which of the following Indian companies took over the world’s largest gold refining company Valcambi from US-based mining company Newmont Mining Corporation?


41. Name the country to become the largest shareholder in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?


42. Who among the following is in the team of heart experts who for the first time have printed three dimensional (3D) anatomic heart model using multiple imaging techniques?


43. Recently, who among the following has first predicted a new class of exotic subatomic particles called the Pentaquarks?


44. Which of the following indigenously developed missiles has India most recently test-fired successfully at a firing range in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan?


45. Which of the following countries has begun building the world’s largest amphibious aircraft?


46. Who among the following personalities launched “Breakthrough Listen” project to search for Aliens?


47. Senior IPS officer Y C Modi has been appointed as Additional Director in the CBI. Who will he succeed?


48. Which country’s Prime Minister resigned as he has been charged with several counts of corruption in a long-running investigation?


49. Mahendra Bhalla, who died recently, was a famous writer in which language?


50. Who among the following has released the first Uzbek-Hindi dictionary along with his Uzbek counterpart & Indologist Rakhmatov?


51. Who topped the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination to select IAS and IPS officers, the results for which were declared on 4 July 2015?


52. India’s longest road tunnel has been built in which of the following states?


53. What is the full form of ‘MGNREGA’?


54. Who is the author of the book titled ‘India Central Asia Relations: The Economic Dimension’?


55. Recently, which of the following committees has been constituted by RBI to prepare a plan to spread the reach of financial services across country?


56. Which of the following date is ‘World Literacy Day’?


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