1. Inorder to cater to India’s military requirements, a joint venture has recently been announced between European aerospace giant Airbus Hilicopters and the Indian firm?


2. Ajay Ratra and Hrishikesh Kantikar are associated with the sport of ?


3. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) provides that each customer who opens his/ her account will get a ?


4. In order to enable sugar mills to clear part of their dues to sugarcane farmers, the Government has recently approved soft loans upto an amount of ?


5. Bangladesh and India share a 4,906 kilometre long international boarder touching the five Indian states, of which the longest border is shared by the Indian state of ?


6. According to a recent research published by World Economic Forum world’s biggest employer is ?


7. Indian Space Research Organization’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV C-28) recently launched five satellites, weighing 1,440 Kg for a company based in ?


8. 2015 Wimbledon Women’s Singles title was recently won by ?


9. In order to Global Basel III norms on capital adequacy by 2018, the Indian Public Sector Banks require equity capital of ?


10. According to a recent NSSO survey, the male literacy rate among the age group of seven year and above in India was registered at ?


11. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit 2015 which was attended by India and Pakistan was recently held at ?


12. A system to detect earthquakes and disseminate warnings has recently been installed for the first time in India in ___ ?


13. ‘Matti Makkonen’, a Finnish Engineer who passed away recently at the age of 63 is known as the father of ?


14. The ‘Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary’ in Unnao District of Uttar Pradesh has recently been renamed after ?


15. The present Union Cabinet Minister for Home Affairs is ?


16. With an aim to inculcate a spirit of enquiry, creativity and love for science and mathematics in school children, ‘Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan’ was recently launched by ?


17. The ‘Project Tatkal’ is a recent initiative of the State Bank of India to speed up the process of ?


18. The 2016 BRICS Summit will be hosted by ?


19. The ‘Great Burkhan Khaldun Mountain’ which has recently been granted World Heritage site status by UNESCO is situated in ?


20. According to the ‘2015 World Happiness Report’ released by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), out of 158 countries India ranks at the ?


21. To build the UK’s first nuclear power plant Britain has signed a land mark nuclear deal with which country ?


22. Robert Mugabe, which country’s president won the 2015 Confucius Peace Prize by China ?


23. Former TV comedian Jimmy Morales was elected as the President of which Central America’s poorest country ?


24. Which country recently ended it’s controversial One-Child policy which was introduced in 1978 ?


25. John Pombe Magufuli became the fifth President of which country recently ?


26. China recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with which country in order to ease fuel crisis ?


27. Which of the following country is not belonged to the BRICS nations ?


28. India and Maldives will sign an agreement for cooperation on ___?


29. India recently ink a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with which country on preserving written heritage at National Library in Kolkata ?


30. India signed a military-technical cooperation agreement with which country recently ?


31. India has signed on emergy and culture exchange agreements with which country?


32. Which country on 3 November, 2015 reopened it’s Consulate General in Mumbai after four decades of closure in 1973 ?


33. The Union Cabinet has approved a Memo-randum of Understanding (MoU) with which country for cooperation in development of new and renewable energy technologies?


34. Joint Military Exercise ‘Indra-2015’ has been held from 7-20 November 2015 in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. Which of the following countries participated in this excercise along with India ?


35. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 22 October laid the foundation stone for the construction of new capital of which state ?


36. Which Union Minister inagurated the Indian Police Foundation and Indian Police Institute in New Delhi on 22 October ?


37. On 22nd October, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid a foundation stone for Shri Venkateshwara Mobile and Electronics manufacturing hub in which city of Andhra Pradesh ?


38. Union Government has approved induction of women fighter pilots in which field ?


39. Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata on 5 November 2015 inaugurated the first phase of Technology Hub (T-HuB) in which city ?


40. Union Ministry of Finance decided to impose how much per cent Swachh Bharat Cess (SBC) on all taxable services ?


41. Which Union Ministry on 7 November 2015 launched E-Pathshala, Saransh, Shaala Siddhi Web Portals?


42. Which state government recently announced to open a Sanskrit University for Scheduled Castes ?


43. Which Indian state hosted the Paragliding World Cup 2015 for the first time in India?


44. Which state government has decided to provide 33 per cent reservation to women in government jobs?


45. Which Indian state will host the 2016 South Asian Rugby Championship ?


46. Agro-Processing and Agri-Marketing Promotion Policy 2015 launched by which state government?


47. Where will be the India’s first gender university is going to set up ?


48. Where was the third India- Africa forum summit held recently ?


49. When was the foreign Ministers meeting held as a part of 3rd Indo-African Summit 2015 ?


50. The 21st International Conference on Frontiers in Yoga Research and its Applications (INCOFYRA) will be held from 3 to 7 January 2016 in which city?


51. Where was the 2015 G-20 Summit held on 15-16 November, 2015?


52. Indian High Commissioner to the UK, Ranjan Mathai honoured whom with Lifetime Achievement Award in London ?


53. The All India Radio’s programme on child labour “Nilkkam Ivarkkoppam” won the first prize at the 2015 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) prize. It is in which language?


54. The veteran actor Vikram Gokhale to be honoured with Vishnudas Bhave Award belongs to which language ?


55. Who is the famous Santoor player honoured with the Aditya Vikram Birla Kala Shikhar Award for lifetime achievement on 7 November, 2015 ?


56. An innovative technology named Burst Prevention & Puncture Curative (BPPC) technology by a team of Indian scientists led by Sameer Panda from Odisha was won which award for the year 2015?


57. Who is the first Indian archer to win the silver medal in Archery World Cup Finals ?


58. Who is the Indian grand master won the Hoogeveen International Open Chess Tourna-ment held in Netherlands ?


59. Who is the Indian women archer won the silver medal in the Archery World Cup Final held on 25 October at Mexico?


60. Who is the India’s top para-athlete won a silver medal in men’s javelin throw in the IPC Athletics World Championship held on October 27?


61. Who is the Indian squash player won the Quatar Classic Squash Championship women’s singles Title on 31 October, 2015 ?


62. Who won the WTA Tennis Women’s Doubles Title held on 1 November, 2015 in Singapore ?


63. Which country’s team won the historic Rugby World Cup finals held on 1 November ?


64. According to the World Bank which country is the world’s largest remittance recipient ?


65. In the World Bank’s 2016 report of Ease of Doing Business, India ranks which position ?


66. India overtakes which country in consumption of Gold this year ?


67. Which Union Minister launched the e-Sahyog project of the Income-Tax Department to facilitate taxpayers ?


68. As per the annual report of the Brand Finance, what is the position of India in the world in most valued nation brand list ?


69. Among 142 countries, India ranked which position on Global Prosperity Index 2015 ?


70. Four new Crab species have been discovered in which state recently ?


71. Which country recently announced to launch a manned flight to the moon ?


72. According to the Global Tuberculosis Report 2015, released by World Health Organization (WHO) recently which country has the largest number of TB cases in the world ?


73. Which Space Research Organisation is going to launch 12 student satellites next year?


74. World’s fastest cruise missile ‘BrahMos’ successfully test fired from INS Kochi has a strike range of over ___?


75. Scientists developed the world’s first portable labin-a-briefcase that can be used to detect which disease in early stages?


76. Suresh N Patel has been appointed as MD and CEO of which nationalised bank?


77. Who has been appointed as India’s Ambassador to Afghanistan succeeding Amar Sinha?


78. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of International Cricket Council ?


79. Who has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)?


80. Who is the IPL Chief Operating Officer resigned to his post on 3 November, 2015 ?


81. K M Mani who on 10 November, 2015 resigned from his post of Finance Minister for which state?


82. Who is the MotoCorp founder died on 1 November, 2015 in New Delhi ?


83. Bimal Prasad who died on 4 November, 2015 was India’s former Ambassador to which country?


84. On 1 November, 2015 Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari visited which country ?


85. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15-16 November visited Turkey to attend which conference?


86. Which veteran actor to be honoured with a retrospective at the 2015 International Film Festival of India ?


87. World Economic Forum’s report of most admired personalities globally, Mahatma Gandhi ranks which place ?


88. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ranks which place in the list of 2015 Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful Person ?


89. Which is the third most common language in Canadian Parliament ?


90. President Pranab Mukherjee’s official Twitter account ‘@RashtrapatiBhvn’ followers reached to __?


91. What is the rare tropical cyclone that hits Yemen in the month of November ?


92. Where the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships in 2017 are going to be held?


93. Which railway station in India became the first blind-friendly Railway Station?


94. NAAI Stands for ?


95. IOA Stands for ?


96. NCERT Stands for ?


97. ASLV Stands for ?


98. The book titled ‘Rebooting India: Realizing a Billion Aspirations’ authored by__?


99. Who is the writer of the book “What Happened to Netaji?” which is released in the month of October, 2015?


100. What is the committee set up by the centre to suggest simplification of Income Tax laws?


101. Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Black Money on 3 November 2015 submitted its third report to the Union Ministry of Finance. Who is the head of the SIT ?


102. The Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee (BLRC) on 4 November 2015 submitted its report to the Union Ministry of Finance is headed by __?


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