(1) T.V. Narendran was appointed as Global Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of __________.


(2) Suresh Chukkapalli has been appointed as Consul General of ______.


(3) Who has been appointed as the Karnataka’s first woman Director General and Inspector General of Police (DG-IGP)?


(4) Who appoints Vikas Seth as CEO recently?


(5) Which state government announces Lifetime Pensions for ‘Hindi Satyagrahis’?


(6) Name the celebrity who has been named top earning dead celebrities by Forbes for the fifth straight year.


(7) Diya Chitale won the silver medal in the girls’ doubles category of the 2017 ITTF World Cadet Challenge which was held in ________.


(8) Which state has launched Election Commission’s web- based project, ERO-Net?


(9) Which city hosts the 9th global green film festival?


(10) The Global Clubfoot Conference has been inaugurated in which of the given cities?


(11) Who is named as India’s Next High Commissioner to Pakistan?


(12) Who is selected for Ezhuthachan Puraskaram award recently?


(13) Which state government adds 18m to Shivaji statue, to be World’s Tallest at 210m?


(14) What is the maximum age for Joining National Pension Scheme (NPS)?


(15) Which state has topped the Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI) that ranks states on the basis of situation of girls and women?


(16) Which state has banned sea fishing for the duration of 7 months to protect endangered sea turtles?


(17) The 2017 India-US Ocean Dialogue was held in ________.


(18) As per the Forbes’ real-time billionaire’s list published in November 2017, ______ is Asia’s richest person.


(19) Sikkim is set to get its first airport by the end of November. The airport is built at an estimated cost of ——————.


(20) Name the winner of the 53rd Jnanpith Award for the year 2017?


(21) The ‘Prabal Dostyk 2017' military exercise is being held between India and _______.


(22) 21st World Congress of Mental Health was held in _________.


(23) Rajesh Vaishnaw has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to ________.


(24) Walmart India launched its first fulfillment centre in _________.


(25) As per a new notification by the government of India, the last date to link the Aadhaar- Mobile Number is __________.


(26) The World’s highest motorable road has been constructed in which of the given regions?


(27) Recently which city received its first batch of four battery operated eco friendly BEST buses?


(28) Kazakhstan is set to change its name to Qazaqstan by which year in an effort to switch from Cyrillic to a Latin-based script?


(29) The 2017 ranking of the ATP World Tour has been topped by which player?


(30) What is India’s first fully indigenously developed bomb called?


(31) Pan India scholarship program – Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana- has been launched to promote philately. Philately is the study of what?


(32) Which Airline wins “2018 Airline of the Year” award?


(33) In which city 7th Asia Ministerial Energy roundtable held recently?


(34) Since becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump will make his first official visit to which of the following country on November 5?


(35) Which temple has won UNESCO award recently?


(36) As per a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, _____ degrees cannot be given via distance education.


(37) India has set a Guinness world record of cooking _________ kg khichdi live at the World Food India 2017 event.


(38) The government has approved the acquisition of HPCL by ONGC. ONGC will acquire a ____% in the deal.


(39) Saad al-Hariri, who recently resigned from the post served as a Prime Minister of which country?


(40) Which of the following states will hold ‘Nobel Prize Series — India 2018 (Science Impacts Life)’ in February 2018?


(41) Which of the following country unveiled Asia’s largest artificial island-building ship dubbed as “magic island maker”?


(42) Ferrari team would consider quitting Formula 1 from —————-.


(43) What is the theme of World Tsunami Awareness Day 2017?


(44) Recently, Which country has made disrespecting the national anthem a criminal offense punishable by up to three years in prison?


(45) MC Mary Kom has been appointed as ambassador of the AIBA Women’s Youth World Championships 2017. The tournament will be held in _________.


(46) World’s busiest airport, Changi airport opens new terminal with cleaning robots, recently. This airport is located in which country?


(47) Kerala government has decided to provide road accident victims free treatment for the first ————.


(48) Which of the following women’s hockey team won the Asia Cup hockey title 2017 held in Japan?


(49) Sonepur cattle fair will be held in __________.


(50) Which investigative news source has released the ‘Paradise Papers’ which reveals the offshore activities of some of the world’s most powerful people and companies?


(51) Which country hosted the 2017 World Youth Forum (WYF)?


(52) Who has been honoured with the 2017 Vishnudas Bhave award?


(53) The 2017 Bali Jatra festival has started in which state?


(54) Name the golf player who won the the 2017 Ladies European Tour.


(55) Among the players who win in Elite category at Cyclothon recently?


(56) China on November 6, 2017, launched two _______ satellites.


(57) Which among the given countries has recently handed over its instrument accession to the India-initiated International Solar Alliance (ISA)?


(58) With which country India joint military combat exercise “Sampriti” which begins in Meghalaya?


(59) Where did the Conference of Parties (COP) -23 under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) begin?


(60) Railways have launched the main arch of the world’s highest bridge on the River Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi district. The bridge is _____ metres tall.


(61) India has test-fired a homegrown subsonic cruise missile. What is it called?


(62) Which city bags best city bus services award for attracting 87 percent of private vehicle users?


(63) How many Gold medals were won by Indian shooters at the just concluded Commonwealth Shooting Championship in Brisbane, Australia?


(64) Vettoor Purushan who passed away recently was a __________.


(65) Banaganapalle mangoes are grown in which State?


(66) Which state aims to promote ‘plastic free’ motive through ‘Hornbill Festival’?


(67) Who won gold medal at the 2017 Asian Women’s Boxing Championship?


(68) Which bank makes RTGS, NEFT online transactions free recently?


(69) Among the given cities which city got included in the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network for contribution in Music?


(70) Which state is hosting the 20th International Children’s Film Festival India?


(71) Which inks partnership with Microsoft for enhanced passenger experience?


(72) Which social media platform has increased its character limit from 140 to 280?


(73) Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran App has been launched by ————.


(74) Who has won the 2017 men’s singles National Badminton Championships?


(75) The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) under Union Finance Ministry has increased import duty on wheat to 20% from ————–.


(76) Recently, in which country Bank of China formally launched its operations with its first branch?


(77) Which state government launched She Pad scheme for school girls recently?


(78) To which country Narendra Modi inaugurates train service through video conferencing recently?


(79) Which nation has launched a earth observation satellite?


(80) Which city tops the world’s most visited city by International travelers?


(81) Who bank partners with MobiKwik to launch a co-branded virtual Visa prepaid card for customers of MobiKwik?


(82) Who won the 2017 Sanctuary Wildlife Photographer of the year award?


(83) Who won the 2017 Goncourt prize?


(84) Who resigned British Minister post recently?


(85) Which country is re-elected Member of UNESCOs Executive Board?


(86) Who joins forces with NASA to develop flying taxis?


(87) Which is the First Ever Film festival observed in India?


(88) Who inaugurates three-day Organic World Congress 2017 in Greater Noida?


(89) Which state assembly passes the Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Dacoits, Drug Offenders, Goondas, Immoral traffic offenders and Landgrabbers (Amendment) Bill, 2017?


(90) Which among the given languages has been declared as the second official language of Telangana by the state government?


(91) When is the ‘World Science Day for Peace and Development’ observed?


(92) Which edition of Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) is inaugurated recently?


(93) During 23rd GST Council meeting – held at Guwahati, Assam, the GST Council slashed rates for both AC, Non-AC restaurants to -------------.


(94) Recently Qatar has appointed women to one of its most important consultative bodies, the Shura Council, for the first time in the country’s history. How many were appointed?


(95) India became the first country to partner with Facebook on disaster response. The programme will be piloted in two disaster-prone states – Assam and -----------.


(96) Which cricket player was named a government nominee in the Delhi & Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) managing committee?


(97) Which University in India decided to give gold medal only to the students who are vegetarian and non drinkers?


(98) The government has decided to give proxy voting rights to over ____ million non-resident Indians (NRIs) spread across the world.


(99) Manu Sharma who passed away recently, was a ________.


(100) Name the first women to be elected as the President of NASSCOM with effect from March 2018.


(101) Which State has became the first one in the country to treat Hepatitis-C patients with oral medicine?


(102) Which country has claimed to soon become the first nation to make contact with alien life using the world’s largest radio dish?


(103) When is National Education Day observed in India?


(104) As per a report published by NASA on November 12, 2017, 1.3 lakh people have booked ticket for ————.


(105) Every year 12th November is observed as ————-?


(106) Surendra Sinha has resigned as the Chief Justice of ________.


(107) Dubai police officers set a Guinness World Record by pulling the world’s largest passenger airliner Airbus A380 for a distance of ————.


(108) The 2017 ASEAN-India Summit is being hosted by which country?


(109) ————- has decided to not to pursue Islamic banking.


(110) Which among the following former Nepal Prime Minister passed away recently at the age of 90?


(111) As per a report published by the Central Pollution Control Board ——– is the second most polluted city in India.


(112) Who has won the 2017 IBSF World Billiards Championship?


(113) Mahendra Singh Dhoni has inaugurated his first global cricket academy in _______.


(114) Who is appointed as AIFF Ombudsman by Supreme Court?


(115) What is the theme of Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit held in Vietnam?


(116) The Indian Youth Development Index and Report 2017 has been developed by an institute situated in which state?


(117) Which title was won by the Leander Paes and Purav Raja recently?


(118) Which place did the India got in the Most Vulnerable Country Facing Extreme Weather Events?


(119) Who is leading the Indian delegation in the 4th India-Canada Annual Ministerial Dialogue -2017?


(120) Bharat Khandare will be the first Indian to sign up in the ________.


(121) Who has won Brazilian grand prix?


(122) Dipa Karmakar was conferred a D.Litt. degree from ________.


(123) Which day is observed on November 14th across the world?


(124) Who resigns as Jury Head of 48th International Film Festival of India?


(125) In which city United Nations hosts first talks on use of killer robots?


(126) What is the theme of the Tenth South Asia Economic Summit begins in Nepal?


(127) Which nation was failed to qualify for FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1958?


(128) Which country is the partner country at the 37th India International Trade Fair in New Delhi?


(129) India’s 1st Tribal Entrepreneurship Summit was organised in which state?


(130) In which year India will overtake Japan and Germany in nominal GDP to emerge world’s third-largest economy?


(131) Which state in India tops in mobilising Jan Dhan accounts?


(132) Children’s Day is celebrated in India on __________.


(133) Who is the first Indian to qualify for LPGA Tour Championships?


(134) What is the theme of the first ever APCERT conference held in New Delhi?


(135) In which country the foundation of International Solar Alliance held recently?


(136) Which country launches world’s first fully electric cargo ship?


(137) Which award is conferred to Anand Kumar recently by President RamNath Kovind?


(138) Which country recognizes Yoga as Sport?


(139) What is the name of satellite launched by Virtual Nation Asgardia group?


(140) Who is appointed as the President of 36th International Geological Congress?


(141) India, Australia, Japan and the US held talks on Indo-Pacific cooperation in ______.


(142) Which day is observed on November 16?


(143) Which country approves First Pill with Digital Tracking Device?


(144) When was the International Day for Tolerance observed?


(145) Which state hosting its first ever hot-air balloon festival?


(146) Who is the new chairman for the BSE?


(147) Which Indian Businessman topped Forbes List of Asia’s Richest Families recently?


(148) Which Indian economist has been appointed to the Financial Stability Institute Advisory Board of the Bank of International Settlement?


(149) In which country UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial Conference 2017 held?


(150) Which country named as host of 2023 Rugby World Cup?


(151) Which state becomes first North East state to launch PoS for electricity bill payments?


(152) Kumaran Narayan, who passed away recently, belonged to which field?


(153) Which project was launched by Karnataka for Gram panchayats recently?


(154) In which city fourth Global Conference on Sustained Eradication of Child Labour held?


(155) After how many years Moody upgraded India’s Sovereign Rating?


(156) Which country is recently under military control after army seizes power from Mugabe?


(157) Who among the following inaugurated Aadi Mahotsav tribal Festival to be held in Delhi?


(158) INS Sarvekshak has reached Dar-Es-Salaam for a hydrographic survey. Dar-Es-Salaam is located in ______.


(159) The 1st WHO Global Ministerial Conference on Ending TB in Sustainable Development Era’ was held in ______.


(160) Which state government has banned packaged water bottles in government offices?


(161) Who crowned National Women’s Trap champion at 61st National Shooting Championship?


(162) Who has won Spain’s Cervantes Prize recently?


(163) Who launches the book named ‘Journey of Women Law Reforms and The Law Commission of India Some Insights’?


(164) With which country India agreed deepen Security Co-operation recently?


(165) Who is selected for Prof. Yashwantrao Kelkar Youth Award 2017?


(166) Which state launches initiative to curb Childhood Obesity; Schools to get BMI Dialers to measure BMI?


(167) Who is appointed as ambassador of World Packaging Organisation (WPO)?


(168) India’s first mega coastal economic zone (CEZ) will come up in _______.


(169) To improve the accuracy of weather forecasts and Earth observations, NASA has launched first of its kind next-generation satellite named ______________.


(170) The World’s so called coolest library launched by China has been set up in which city?


(171) Name the winner of the Miss World 2017 beauty pageant?


(172) Who has been honoured with the 2017 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature?


(173) V Khalid who died recently was a ________ by profession.


(174) Who will receive the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development this year?


(175) The 42nd World Congress of the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM) has been organized in which city?


(176) When is World Toilet Day celebrated?


(177) The Qaumi Ekta Week celebration begins in India from which date?


(178) Which former Prime Minister’s 100th birth anniversary was celebrated on 19 November 2017?


(179) Recently which Indian wrestler has been handed a four-year ban by the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel of the NADA?


(180) Which state launches its first air ambulance for the public recently?


(181) Which of the following does not win a gold medal in National Wrestling Championship?


(182) Which State/ Union Territory Government has formed “Mahila Suraksha Dals” to curb crimes against women?


(183) Shri Ram Nath Kovind will visit three North-Eastern States of India. Which among the following is one of them?


(184) Which State Cabinet has approved scheme for victims of Acid Attack?


(185) When is Universal Children’s Day observed every year?


(186) Which country was named as the World’s Richest Country according to IMF’s GDP data?


(187) Which country wins Maiden Under-19 Asia Cup?


(188) In which place Women’s Youth World Boxing Championship has begun?


(189) Former Union Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi passed away after being in coma for 9 years. He was a senior leader of which Indian political party?


(190) Jana Novotna, the former Wimbledon tennis champion passed away. She hails from which country?


(191) Name the veteran actor and playright who received Tata LiteratureLive Lifetime Achievement Award 2017?


(192) Which place Gleadovia konyakianorum is a Parasitic plant found?


(193) Who takes Charge as SEBI Executive Director?


(194) Which player ATP Finals Title recently?


(195) Which award is given to honour Nabaneeta Dev Sen recently?


(196) When was the World Fisheries day celebrated?


(197) Which Country’s nominee won re-elections to the fill up the last seat at the International Court of Justice?


(198) Under which scheme Nagaland, Andaman &Nicobar Islands Sign MoU with India recently?


(199) Manik Banerjee has been presented with the ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF). Manik Banerjee is a _________.


(200) Who has been appointed as UNAIDS Special Ambassador for Adolescents and HIV?


(201) As per the 2017 Forbes list of highest paid woman in music, _____ tops the list.


(202) What is the rank of India in the IMD World Talent Rankings 2017?


(203) Sri Lankan Prime Minister is on a 4 day visit to India from November 21, 2017 with an aim of boosting bilateral ties. Name the PM of Sri Lanka.


(204) IMBAX-2017 military exercise will be held between India and _______.


(205) When is World Television Day celebrated?


(206) Which position did India obtained at Largest Fish Producing Country in the World?


(207) Which mission did NASA tests Supersonic Parachute recently?


(208) Which country India join hands to provide visa free entry for flight crew members?


(209) Which year India’s first mission to the Sun to be launched recently?


(210) Which city in India the Conference of Commanders of Eastern Air Command commence?


(211) Who becomes world’s highest paid model in 2017?


(212) Who was the world’s oldest head of state until he put in his resignation recently?


(213) The Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) has decided to name the Gate No. 3 and 4 of the Ferozshah Kotla stadium after ________.


(214) As per a report published by the OECD, the Indian government is ranked ———.


(215) Jilin-1 04, Jilin-1 05 and Jilin-1 06 remote sensing satellites were launched by which country?


(216) Name the UBS India chief who has resigned recently?


(217) In which city the Northeast development summit held recently?


(218) Telangana state makes which language compulsory till Inter from next academic year?


(219) The Union government has initiated ‘safe-city’ plan in 8 metropolitan cities for whom?


(220) Who inaugurates 5th Global Conference on Cyber Space in New Delhi?


(221) Who partners with Airtel Payments Bank mobile wallet?


(222) Who becomes first female pilot in Indian Navy?


(223) Prime minister Narendra Modi launches Umang mobile application, an integrated platform for government to citizen services. In Umang ‘U’ stands for ——–?


(224) Who among the following will be a permanent Special Invitee in the Task Force to be constituted form drafting a New Direct Tax Legislation?


(225) As per the report by Sheatwork, which state in India has the highest number of women entrepreneurs?


(226) Palestinian factions agree to hold election by end of the year ————-?


(227) IFFI has nominated nine movies for this year's ICFT Gandhi Medal. Among them how many are from India?


(228) Which state government forms Hill Area Development Committee under Mann Ghising?


(229) Which bank has launched a unified integrated app called YONO (You Need Only One) that would offer all kinds of financial and lifestyle products?


(230) Recently which scheme was introduced by Union Cabinet?


(231) Which city to become first city to jointly host Badminton and Para Badminton World Championships in 2019?


(232) Which ministry has launched a digital Signature campaign on Constitution Day?


(233) Which bank raises Shareholding Limit of ARCs?


(234) Mount Agung which erupted recently, is located in which country?


(235) Which union ministry will conduct Multi State Mega Mock Tsunami Exercise 2017?


(236) Which of the Jazz Singer has died recently at the age of 96?


(237) Centre has promulgated the ————- to encourage bamboo cultivation in non-forest areas.


(238) Who wins fourth European Golden Shoe Award?


(239) Who was appointed as the DGP of Andhra Pradesh recently?


(240) Which day is celebrated as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women?


(241) Who wins the best actor award at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in Brisbane, Australia?


(242) In which place Indian Railways installs Asia’s largest Solid State Interlocking?


(243) In which place the First Indian casino game training course centre will be setup?


(244) DANX -17 is a massive military exercise conducted by the Command forces of which state/UT?


(245) Ritu Phogat has clinched silver in which category at the under-23 Senior World Wrestling Championship-2017 in Poland?


(246) Which union minister has chaired the 12th Standing Committee meeting of the Inter-State Council (ISC)?


(247) The 2017 International Gita Mahotsava has been inaugurated in which city?


(248) The 2017 Korea Tourism Festival has been organized in which Indian state?


(249) What is the rank of India in the 2017 World FIFA Ranking?


(250) The 2017 International Multilateral Maritime Search and Rescue Exercise (IMMSAREX) is being conducted in which country?


(251) Constitution Day in India is celebrated on ________.


(252) Which country allows women weightlifters to compete internationally?


(253) The 36th International Geological Congress (IGC) will be held in which city in the year 2020?


(254) Who has been appointed as the President of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA)?


(255) Folk singer Mangi Bai Arya who passed away recently was from which state?


(256) India will help which country on digital locker?


(257) Which country join hands with India to boost mutual ties in IT renewable energy?


(258) Which among the given holy shrines has recently been awarded the Most Visited Place of the World honour by London based Book of World Records?


(259) Which state government notifies Ban on Truckers’ Cartelisation?


(260) Which institute first time releases guidelines on child sex abuse?


(261) Which country volcano is Bali got alert to highest level recently?


(262) Which country Scientists have developed world’s first artificial intelligence politician named SAM?


(263) International Multilateral Maritime Search and Rescue Exercise (IMMSAREX) began in which country?


(264) How many medals did India won at World youth women boxing championship?


(265) Who is the Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)?


(266) Who has won the title of Miss Universe 2017?


(267) Who has won the women’s singles title at the Hong Kong Super Series badminton tournament 2017?


(268) Which city Twelfth meeting of Standing Committee of Inter-State Council held ?


(269) Who has been appointed to head the 15th Finance Commission constituted by the Government on November 27, 2017?


(270) Who has been appointed as India’s G 20 Sherpa for the Development Track of the G20 till December 31, 2018?


(271) How many total medals India won in Para-Badminton World Championships?


(272) Name the winner of the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2017.


(273) Who has inaugurated the 8th edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES-2017)?


(274) Who has been appointed as the first-ever female UK Ambassador to United Nations (UN)?


(275) Who has been elected the new President of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA)?


(276) Which Country is to hold 7th World Military Games?


(277) India will sign a MoU for cooperation in the policy planning and technology transfer in the urban transport sector with which Nation?


(278) The City of Oxford has stripped which Nobel Peace Laureate of its human rights award for failing to respond to the world’s biggest refugee crisis?


(279) Who among the following has become the first women to be appointed as the Secretary General of the Lok Sabha?


(280) Thodupuzha Vasanthi was a popular actress of which film industry?


(281) Who has been appointed as the new Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Air India?


(282) Which among the given countries has agreed to help India in setting up National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) to deal with emergency situation?


(283) Name the movie to win the Golden Peacock Award for Best Film at the 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI)?


(284) Mirabai Chanu has become the first Indian in over two decades to win gold at the IWF World Weightlifting Championship. She hails from which state?


(285) Who won gold medal in Asian Archery Championship?


(286) With which country India has signed MoU for the cooperation in the health sector?


(287) E. Chandrasekharan Nair who passed away recently was from which political party?


(288) The Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana (SAUBHGAYA) was launched recently in which state?


(289) Actor and Mimicry Artist Abi was a popular actress of which film industry?


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